March / April 2009

Simple Living Simplified

10 Things You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life – if some one said if you do these ten things your life would be better, wouldn’t you want to do them? One that we all can relate to is “Clean Your Desk.” Read this article and learn how to make your life simpler.

Preparing New Koi for Sale

The big day is coming, the boxes of koi you ordered will be here soon – what should you know to be successful in receiving, quarantining and then selling those koi to your customers. What is the all-in, all-out principle? How does KHV effect how you hold the koi? What kind of set-up will you need? Ben shares his routine procedures that he follows to insure the health of the koi he sales.

Grow Your Brain

I think most of us would agree, it is tough to get away from the job for any reason, so to get away for a few days to attend a seminar often times seems simply impossible. After all it is not an urgent priority, right? Nothing is going to break if you don’t get to a darn seminar…

Why You Should Start an IPaWGS Chapter

IPaWGS stands for International Pond and Water Garden Society and is the recently formed hobbyist branch of the IPPCA (International Professional Pond Contractors Association). As the name implies, IPaWGS is a pond and water garden club formatted for the hobbyist. You may ask, “Why discuss a hobbyist club in PondBiz magazine, it’s not published for hobbyists?” For any Retailer or Contractor, there are many benefits from starting and maintaining an IPaWGS chapter.

Socrates Makes a Sales Call

To jumpstart stalled sales, try employing a really old-school approach. What did the customer mean, what are they saying, are you listening, are you asking the right questions? The ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, taught his students to ask a series of logical questions. Applied to a sales call, this strategy persuades prospects to open up, examine all the consequences of their positions and work with the salesperson to identify the proposal that will win the sale.

Inspiration for Life-long Customers

Do your water gardening and pond department displays, inspire your customers? Retailers and Contractors should understand that unlike other landscaping projects, pondkeeping reaches beyond the products on the shelf – it’s really a lifestyle. There are a number of great tips in this article about displays and how to keep your customers coming back, again and again.

Fred Bell, Industry Leader Retires

There are not a lot of people working in this industry who, for the past 20 or so years, have been at it longer or had a greater impact on all of our businesses then Fred Bell. Fred recently announced his retirement as an independent sales rep from Firestone Specialty Products. The road he has taken to get here is loaded with milestones…

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