July / August 2012

Why Have a Gift Shop and What Sells

Learn from our industry expert about the ins and outs of having a gift shop as part of your pond store. Anita shares with you eight great reasons why you should have one; what gift items have worked for her; and which have not. She even includes tips about trends, buying, bargains and the big expensive stuff. She wrote this article while working the cash register of her gift shop – thanks Anita!

Big Payback with Eco-Friendly Lake & Pond Management

ROI (Return on Investment) is one big reason to provide lake and pond management. Lakes are an important part of our landscape; they add beauty, provide recreation, and are a habitat for fish and wildlife. But an out of balance pond can be pretty awful. Learn about the importance of Aeration; Beneficial Bacteria; and Weed and Algae Controls. Besides being good for business it also helps the communities we live in.

Create a Tropical Paradise for Your Customers

Ever wonder what plants you should use to create that lush, tropical atmosphere in your customers’ backyard? Horticulturist Tamara Kilbane will help you create paradise by using Hibiscus and Canna. Both of these plants can live in and out of water and are exceptional in bogs and shallow water. They will add beautiful colors and foliage to make that oasis most of us only dream of.

Pond and Water Feature Submersible Pumps In-Depth

To have a successful water feature – large or small – you must use the right pump to get top results! Increasingly, manufacturers are producing pumps specifically for our pond industry, and submersible pumps have changed quite a bit over the past few years. Get an in-depth look at the differences between today’s magnetic drive, direct drive and the newer hybrid magnetic asynchronous drive pumps available for your projects and customers. You have more choices now than ever before.

YouTube: It’s Where You Should Be

Do you have a YouTube channel? Why not, it is easy and free. Do you know over 2 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day? Tired of explaining the same questions over and over? Make a video to help answer your everyday questions. YouTube is quick and easy. This article is loaded with tips to help you get started today.

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