Sweeney’s Launches Third Annual Nationwide Contest

Published on April 13, 2009

Contest in Search of the Best Mole Woe Stories
Winner Will Receive $500 Lowe’s Home Improvement Gift Card

ST. LOUIS-April 13, 2009- Two years and two contests later, Sweeney’s (www.wrsweeney.com), the country’s leading producer of mole-deterring products for consumers, has launched its third annual nationwide contest in search of the best Mole Woe stories. The contest was originally launched when Sweeney’s, long accustomed to homeowners telling them about their mole frustrations, decided to create a forum for people to vent.

Hence, the “I Hate Moles Because…” contest was born. Designed to ferret out the most aggravating mole stories and the most creative solutions for getting rid of the pesky critters, it seems to have worked. Thousands of people have expressed themselves via this contest, and it’s clear that the group therapy thing is really working. People from across America have penned their worst “mole woe” stories and lots of them have even won cool prizes for their efforts.(Winning entries from 2007 and 2008 can be viewed at www.wrsweeney.com).

While venting may make you feel better, Sweeney’s Director of Research and Development Stewart Clark, cautions that it’s not easy to get rid of these varmints. “There isn’t one sure method to get rid of moles – you have to work at it. You have to be flexible and willing to try different things.”

Based on careful analysis of the entries from 2007 and 2008, several trends became glaringly obvious. Mole avengers are a highly creative group, but demonstrate some distinct universal traits. Most mole campaigns begin calmly, based on sound reason and thorough Internet searches. However, clear thinking all too often gives way to more desperate measures, including flooding, gas fumes, shovels, gum, explosives and even installing an in-ground pool to replace the yard.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve received comments and suggestions about how we can enhance our annual contest,” says Clark. “Based on feedback from our faithful followers, we’re happy to announce something new this year that we hope will encourage our more digitally-inclined friends to tell us their mole woe stories – video entries will now be accepted for our third annual contest.”

The contest rules are simple. If you or someone you know has ever resorted to measures of Caddyshack proportions – or beyond – Sweeney’s wants to hear about it. Submit your mole woe story or video and what you did about it (if anything.)

A few notes:
• You are not required to have had an actual victory over a mole in order to compete.
• Vole and gopher stories and videos are eligible.(We wouldn’t want to leave anybody out.)
• Entries should be rated PG-13. (Hey, we’re a family organization!)

If our esteemed panel of judges likes your story or video, we’ll post it on our website at www.wrsweeney.com. One lucky winner will receive a $500 gift card to Lowe’s Home Improvement. Ten runner-ups in each category will receive a gift basket filled with an arsenal of mole control solutions from Sweeney’s.

To submit your written contest entry or video (up to 2 minutes in length), visit www.wrsweeney.com. Contest entries may also be submitted directly to the judges at carolyn@ryan-pr.com or by mail to:
Sweeney’s “I Hate Moles Because…” Contest
2244 Dunroyal Drive
St. Louis, MO 63131

Here’s the small print: We won’t give your information or e-mail address to anyone else, for any reason, under any circumstances. However, Sweeney’s retains the rights to publish any stories submitted to us about why you hate moles. Odds of winning depend on how your mole woes compare to other contestants’ mole woes. Contest entries must be received by 11:59 PM on Monday, August 31, 2009 to be eligible. Winners will be announced on www.manvsmole.com and www.wrsweeney.com on Thursday, October 1, 2009.

About Sweeney’s:
Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Sweeney’s is an industry leader in developing safe and effective home pest control products. Sweeney’s was founded in 1892. In 2005, the company was purchased by Senoret Chemical Company, makers of the TERRO® brand of ant control products. Today, Sweeney’s products, including baits, traps and repellents for controlling moles, gophers, rodents and nuisance wildlife, are widely distributed at leading retailers nationwide. For more information on Sweeney’s products, call 1-800-837-7644 or visit www.wrsweeney.com.

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