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Published on May 16, 2009

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Whether your work in the pond and gardening industry is construction, retail, wholesale, manufacturing or otherwise, the importance of dressing smart to think smart should be one of your top priorities.

In these hard times of economic downturn, it is all too easy to let the small things slip, but when first impressions really do count, with the world becoming more competitive in it’s fierce fight for business, can you really afford not to ‘look the part’?

Having a few essential items in your wardrobe, whether male or female, is a good place to begin to ensure you always have something at hand at a moment’s notice.

For men, a smart, dark colored suit, with a few good quality shirts and ties and some leather shoes, will ensure you always have something for business meetings. Try to go for timeless styles, in order that you are not having to spend out unnecessarily when keeping up to date with fashions.

The same applies to women. A smart suit, with some black court shoes will always do nicely, women’s costume fashion accessories are very reasonable these days, so you may even find you can spruce up an old outfit for next to nothing, it is amazing what a pretty brooch or next scarf will do to liven up your look.

If you are in need of a professional look, but would still like to promote your business, it is always a good idea to carry some business cards with you, these can be obtained for a very reasonable price, or perhaps you could have some metal pin badges made up? These would look nicer than a logoed shirt and can be easily transferred to different garments of clothing.

So, that covers the more professional look, but what if you attend trade shows, or you are a pond builder visiting a potential customer for a quote. Smart suits and dresses may not be suitable for all occasions, and this is where knowing your audience also comes into play.

If your business has a logo, how about some summer polo shirts with logo, and winter sweatshirts for the colder months? I’m sure if a construction worker turned up at my house wearing a suit I would find it much too formal, but a clean and tidy polo shirt with embroided logo and some smart slacks with (relatively clean) but lived in work boots, would fit the bill much better.

Also, when it comes to trade shows, customers of koi and pond retailers don’t want to see their local business people suit and booted, the conversation will flow much better if your look is smart/casual with your business name or logo at the forefront of your appearance.

And remember, whatever the situation, clean and pressed is always best!

Industry Tip

Where to buy your bargains

A good selection of work wear is available at your local Walmart stores, I researched just one example you could consider and with a local business to embroider or silk screen on your company logo you could get a whole outfit (with shoes) for less than $150. A good look, and a great way to advertise your business.

Work T-shirts at Walmart: Dickies Men’s work tee $10.84 for a two pack, available in a selection of colors

Or Dickies – Men’s Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt $13.54

Embroidery Set-Up charge (1 time fee) $48

Embroidery Per shirt $15

Wear with: Dickies Men’s relaxed fit shorts (selection of colors) $19

To finish: Herman survivors Men’s Buffalo Steel-Toe boots $53

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