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September / October, 2012

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Published on September 26, 2012

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It is very hard for me to think about winter right now, as we are having a heat wave and it is going to be over 110°F today! Nonetheless, we have put together a super lineup for you in this issue. We have two articles about getting ready for winter: one about De-icers and the other about a new technology for Heaters. Help your customers prepare properly for this winter so they won’t suffer the tragedy of winter fish loss this year. Remember, an ounce of prevention…

With the drought being severe in parts of the country you may find people shying away from water features, because they assume they take a lot of water. They would be wrong. Long time industry expert Paula Biles gives you what you need to know to demonstrate that “Ponds and Water Gardens are Eco-Friendly.” Paula quotes, “In general, ponds use about 50% less water than lawns and other gardens.” Learn how best to educate and sell water features to your questioning customers.

Do you monitor the drought conditions in your area? Take a look at this website and be up-to-date on the facts in your area. http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/

We are very grateful to our authors sharing their knowledge with you and the industry. This includes Eric Triplett, who wrote a great article about bottom drains, a must read.

Then we have an article about “Better Business Credit,” something that all of us should be well informed about. Learn how to break that habit you thought you could never break and take a look at the koi variety Koromo (Goromo.)

We were fortunate to visit New York City in July (for a wedding). On one of our sightseeing days we went to an area called the “High Line,” which is an old elevated train line that was converted into a wonderful strolling park. Included are many water features, packed with native aquatic reeds and rushes.

One very popular stop on the High Line featured a thin sheet of water flowing across part of the walkway to cool strollers and their kids. The water was around 2˝deep, and the area included benches where you could sit and cool your heels in the gently flowing water, while children giggled at the joyful experience of water play.

Water is a universal passion, and is seen in a myriad of forms everywhere we go. Don’t we work in a wonderful trade? Enjoy the day.

Kloubec Koi Farm

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