Self-Priming Siphon Pumps Indestructible, Won’t Sink

Published on June 16, 2011


RENO, NV – ConservCo Water Conservation Products, LLC and Underhill International Corporation today announced the launch of their newest product for retail, the GulpUltraMax™.

The new GulpUltraMax™ is a self-priming water removal hand pump. Constructed from heavy-duty, corrosion-proof materials, the GulpUltraMax™ is self-priming and easy to clean. Not only is it perfect for removing standing water from sprinklers and valve boxes, the newly redesigned grip on the GulpUltraMax™ acts as float, so it is also perfect for boaters! The new GulpUltraMax™ won’t sink if it falls overboard.

Capable of displacing a gallon of water in just four strokes, the GulpUltraMax™ is ideal for cleaning ponds and fountains, spas and hot tubs, backed up sinks, broken toilets, and of course, acting as a back-up bilge pump for removing unwanted water from the hull of a boat.

Its durable, long-lasting chamber is made of heavy-duty shatter-resistant plastic and is designed to resist bending or being crushed. The pump shaft is made of sturdy aircraft aluminum. As such, the GulpUltraMax™ is guaranteed for life!

The GulpUltraMax™ is precision-designed and has a smooth, easy pump action, and its non-slip handle makes it capable of moving water fast and effortlessly. And, unlike other pumps that have closed-end intake chambers, the GulpUltraMax™ can be cleaned easily with the push of a button, so removing debris or sludge is simple. The lightweight and versatile GulpUltraMax™ is a great addition to any landscaper’s, plumber’s, or handyman’s tool kit. It is also a great item to keep around the house or in a dingy.

GulpUltraMax™ is the latest in the line of high capacity pumps made by Underhill™ and sold at retail by ConservCo®. It joins the family of Gulp™ products, including the SuperGulp™, a heavy-duty water removal hand pump with an 84-inch inlet hose and a 36-inch outlet hose designed to move up to 16 gallons of water in one minute. BigGulp™ has a 36” chamber and comes with either a 36-inch or 72-inch outlet hose. Each BigGulp™ can remove a gallon of water in just four strokes. The mini GulpSyringe™ has a 12-inch chamber and an 8-inch by ½” inlet/outlet tube for removing water from tight spaces.

**About ConservCo**

ConservCo® manufactures and distributes consumer products to hardware retailers, general merchandisers, and catalogs nationwide. Our main categories include Bathroom Fixtures and Irrigation Products. The recognized brands we sell include Waterless® No-Flush™ Urinals, Underhill™ Irrigation, ConservCo® Hose Bibb Locks, DripStop®, and The Cement Solution™. The company is headquartered at 550 West Plumb Lane, Suite B-147, in Reno, Nevada 89509. The company can be reached at (775) 747-3333. Fax: (860) 540-8762. Website:

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