New Book Release: “The Secrets of Koi Unravelled” by Jos Aben

Published on February 7, 2017

Jos Aben’s new book doesn’t pull any punches in candidly revealing the secrets to koi. The devil’s in the details as he reveals what no other breeder wants to tell you, such as how to see the potential and quality on a small koi and how to identify poor-quality koi.

Learn how to see skin quality by looking at the fins and understand how body confirmation can be an indicator of future development. He reveals details about proper head shape, fukurin and the depth and distribution of colors and layers of the koi’s skin. You’ll also understand why sumi can appear or disappear. Aben also shares secrets of how to grow your koi, including proper diet, feeding, temperature and breeding tips. His advice will equip you with the best chance of having beautiful koi.

“When I wrote the book, I had it in mind that it should not be like any other book about koi,” Aben says. “I wanted it to contain a lot of new and useful information. I also wanted the book to be easy to read on a level everyone can understand.” 

In the book, you will also find detailed information on breeding and selection, considering the shape, length and placement of the fins. You’ll also read about hidden deformities, genetic inheritance and the importance of shine and crystals on different parts of the koi. Learn about mud ponds and indoor keeping, along with how to see and foresee sumi and motogoro.

You’ll read about the differences between male and female koi, including growing and eating behaviors, body shapes and shiroji quality.

It is not a book about how beautiful a koi can be. Instead, it’s about how to see and recognize quality in all aspects of koi. Hopefully it will help you select and maintain the right koi for you.

“Hope you will have a lot of fun reading the book,” Aben says.

For more information about this book, please contact Shawn Rosen at 516/809-6771, email or visit

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