Scalewatcher Banishes Limescale in Gardens and Greenhouses

Published on August 18, 2011

In hard water areas, automated watering systems, sprinkler irrigation systems and greenhouse-misting systems clog with limescale, plant leaves develop white scale deposits and over-spray causes limescale build-up on greenhouse windows. Scalewatcher North America, manufacturers of the original, patented and award-winning computerized electronic water-conditioner, Scalewatcher®, has a range of units that will solve limescale problems in all water-fed garden equipment **including the pumps and filters of ornamental ponds and fountains.**

Gardening experts have found that once the Scalewatcher system is fitted to the water inlet pipe carrying water to a garden or greenhouse the white scale deposits on the leaves of young plants completely disappear and the plants looked much healthier. In addition, filters, nozzles and jets remain unblocked. Limescale on greenhouse windows quickly softens and once removed does not reappear.

Scalewatcher breaks the calcium barrier, which occurs naturally about an inch and a half below ground level. The calcium barrier prevents water penetrating deep into the soil and causes surface moisture to quickly evaporate resulting in reduced plant growth and wasted water. When the Scalewatcher system is fitted, plants grow healthier and more robust as their roots are able to penetrate deeper into the moisture rich soil.

Therefore Scalewatcher will:
• Stop irrigation, water systems and misting systems from scaling-up
• Stop white deposits appearing on plants
• Stop limescale build-up on greenhouse windows
• Stop filters, nozzles and jets from blocking
• Improve the growth of plants and trees

A fit and forget system Scalewatcher is easy to install and requires no plumbing, maintenance or chemicals. Using modern, integrated circuitry the Scalewatcher emits an electronically applied force field, induced by a coil wrapped around the outside of the pipe work, which keeps the minerals in suspension and thus prevents limescale forming. The unit can be attached to all type of pipework material, regardless of size.

Scalewatcher models are based on continuous research and over 20 years experience and expertise as market leaders in electronic scale control with countless units sold worldwide. The patented Scalewatcher systems start at $248.00 USD and are capable of treating pipe sizes from one to 80 inches. All Scalewatcher systems come with a full performance guarantee and include free shipping throughout North America.

Scalewatcher North America Inc.
345 Lincoln Street
Oxford, PA 19363
610 932 6888/Fax: 610 932 7559

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