Savio Engineering Launches High Output UV Clarifier

Published on January 30, 2020

Savio Engineering is adding high output UV clarification to its successful UVinex product line.
Three new Savio UVinex® High Output quartz ultraviolet lamps – 28, 35 & 55 watt – join the current Savio UVinex product line. The new lamps install easily in Savio’s rugged stainless-steel housing assembly and use current Savio ballasts.

Typically, UV clarifiers in the pond and water feature industry are designated by the electrical power used to produce lamp output across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. “We turned our attention to the narrow wavelength, 254 nanometers, where clarifying UV light is produced, and looked for the best solution for ponds and water features” said Jon Lottes, President & CEO of Anjon Manufacturing and Savio Engineering. “Our UVinex High Output series is the result. By increasing power from 18 to 28 watts, and the greater UV intensity of our high output lamps, we expect to double the UV effectiveness in our Compact Skimmerfilter®! Overall, the High Output series delivers 35 – 50% more UV output than standard UV bulbs.” Lottes went on “Savio’s coated bulb technology does away with fragile glass sleeves. Broken glass around a pond is never a good thing; Savio eliminates the risk of shards from bulbs or quartz tubes harming the environment. The UVinex System is virtually maintenance free; simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to restore effectiveness.”

Anjon Manufacturing and Savio Engineering joined forces in 2018. “Savio Engineering’s respected pond equipment brands and strong reputation for product design innovation were major considerations for us” states Jon Lottes. “Savio holds the patent on in-skimmer UV clarification. No other manufacturer can deliver the ease of installation and UV effectiveness than you can get with the Savio Skimmerfilter® and UVinex® System.”

For more information about Anjon Manufacturing & Savio Engineering, please visit or call 800/553-5605.

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