Published on October 10, 2010

Finished Pond
Finished Pond

A picture is worth a 1,000 words or the picture doesn’t do it justice: two of the most common statements when looking at a photo. The International Professional Pond Contractors Association (IPPCA) 2010 TOP GUNS took what they learned in the “Photography to Enhance Your Marketability” class at INFO TANZA™ 2009 and applied it when taking these photos of the fifth annual IPPCA Ponditat™ For Humanity pond “overhaul,” done this year in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Night photos can be hard to get perfect, but the teamwork of these guys shows in the night photos they took. Between getting the timing down, to getting just the right shot at the right angle. The equipment used were common items often found in a contractors “tool box.” Digital Cameras, transit tripod and an 18-volt Milwaukee flashlight. Freddie Combas was on the camera that was sitting on the tripod. Mike White was on another camera that was used for the “extra flash.”

Freddie used the flashlight to highlight the areas he wanted to show up in the night photo while counting down so that Mike and Freddie pushed the shutters down at the right moment. Several photos were taken at different angles to get all the lights to show up just right. Many were taken moving the flashlight beam back and forth across the feature so that the lapsed time shot got different shadows and illumination that a normal shot would never have picked up. The extra knowledge and effort really paid off with some great shots.

To see more photos of this annual event see: www.PonditatForHumanity.com

To show your support of the Pond and Waterscape industry, join the IPPCA today at: www.IPPCA.com, the Pond and Waterscape Industry’s Trade Association.

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