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Ponditat for Humanity 2011

1_ponditat_group IPPCA (International Pond Professional Companies Association) Ponditat˙ for Humanity crew converges on Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus, PossAbilities, builds a new therapeutic water feature for 6th Annual Humanitarian event, Nov 2-4, 2011.

A pondless water feature that will help enhance healing for patients was built last week at Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus, just outside the PossAbilities physical rehabilitation unit, thanks to the IPPCA (International Professional Pond Companies Association) www.IPPCA.com and the IPPCA Ponditat™ For Humanity program www.PonditatForHumanity.com sponsored and attended by pond professionals from all across the country.

The advanced level Pondless feature boasts four 5´ drilled rock columns plus a 3´ wide center spillway, all pooling and flowing over carefully selected giant mountain driftwood in a fashion unique to this feature, but in a way that appears that the feature was there before the mountains around Loma Linda were formed. The feature also boasts a two pump recirculating system, one external and one submerged, that combined move over 11,000 gallons per hour through the four rock columns and over the 3´ wide spillway placed in-between them that create a wonderful variety of healing musical sounds and tones of moving water.

The IPPCA hosted this annual event, their 6th, and it was heavily attended by many of the leading pond builders from across the U.S. These award winning pond builders designed and installed the water feature between the Zapara pavilion and the ambulatory services building on East Campus. The pondless feature, valued at well over $20,000, was built in just two days and was unveiled and dedicated in a ribbon cutting ceremony on the morning of November 4th.

“PossAbilities is grateful to have been chosen to receive a professionally installed water feature through the Ponditat˙ for Humanity program of the IPPCA. This water feature will help to enhance the healing environment for our members as the soothing sound of running water helps to create a natural environment conducive to healing and well being,” said Pedro R. Payne, Manager of PossAbilities.

Eric Triplett, owner of The Pond Digger, supported the selection of PossAbilities and East Campus to receive the pondless feature because of the way the PossAbilities program incorporates water features to create a healing environment for patients.

“Building this water feature for PossAbilities with the IPPCA is huge for us here at The Pond Digger. We love the goals and mission statements from both these organizations and it helps us with our mission of Touching People’s Lives with Water. I was working with some of the best water feature contractors from across the nation for a great cause! Now, that’s a win, win for everyone involved,” Mr. Triplett said.

A special thank you to many of this year’s event sponsors: Firestone SP, Atlantic Water Gardens, Easy Pro Pond Products, Ewing Irrigation, Sequence Pumps, Fielding Pumps, The Pond Digger, Graystone Industries, White Water Filters, The Pond Professional and many, many more. The gracious and generous support of these and many more companies allows the IPPCA Ponditat˙ For Humanity projects, with a humanitarian theme, to give back to the communities and hobbyists that make our industry great. Thank You all.

About Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus (LLUMCEC) – http://lomalindahealth.org/east-campus

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