PondBuilder, Inc. Develops Contractor Grade Black Foam Gun Kit

Published on February 4, 2010

PondBuilder Inc. develops contractor grade Black Foam Gun Kit so water garden contractors can avoid sticky mistakes.

**Available March 1, 2010**

PondBuilder Inc. of Saginaw Michigan, a water garden equipment manufacturer, expands product line this spring. Customers will be able to purchase a FOAM GUN and Case used to foam seal stones during waterfall construction. Each steel Foam Gun comes shipped in a field-ready durable case solving many of the contractors concerns by making storage simple and space saving.

In an effort to solve contractor’s complaints about poorly functioning foam guns, clogging and general ware of guns, PondBuilder’s foam gun allows contractors thumb flow control, extension capabilities and a steel shaft that brakes down easily for cleaning. The travel case offers a way to protect the foam gun by making it necessary to dismantle the gun after each use prior to re-storage. Like any type of gun, being well maintained will allow the gun to operate properly each time.

Waterscape Contractors use foam guns daily during construction and maintenance of water features. PondBuilder’s foam kit case comes with extra black foam, gun cleaner and tools, plus a durable case making it easy to store in any truck or lock box.

PondBuilder fields calls every season as to why foam guns have clogged or how employees of contractors misuse and abuse the foam guns left loose inside company vehicles. Few manufactures in the water feature business offer a complete foam gun kit like PondBuilder, therefore many contractors resort to reordering a replacement gun time and time again verses acting responsibly with the gun or protecting it.

Each foam gun case uses dense composite foam to outline the placement of each component as well as protective egg crate foam located on the lid to further protect the gun during jobsite travel.

**About PondBuilder:**

PondBuilder is a family-run operation specialized in the manufacturing of quality pond equipment and supplies. Backed by employees with years of installation experience, PondBuilder feels that open lines of communication and working side by side with our employees & customers will build healthier, long-term relationships. Good people working with good people. That’s what it’s all about!

**PondBuilder Inc.**
Aaron Scarlata-Business Development
1430 Agricola Drive, Saginaw, Michigan 48604

Visit: www.pondbuilder.com

Phone: 866-921-3779 Fax: 989-921-4666
Contact email: aaron@pondbuilder.com

**PRODUCT RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2010**

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