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Finding the right marketing solutions should be easy, so POND Trade magazine offers a range of web marketing solutions to help companies promote their products in targeted online communities, appear in Google searches, provide lead generation and continuously grow brand awareness. POND Trade’s online audience is filled with purchasing power, including
our New Issue Newsletter email list of 2,000 subscribers and 24,719 website visitors per month, 4,300 Facebook followers and — don’t forget — the print issue reach of 5,400 readers.

Sponsored Article Option

The sponsored article comes from the advertiser and offers a 500-to-1,000-word article with three web links that are tied to important keyword phrases for your company's products — inbound SEO keyword phrases. The article must be a pond-related topic (ponds, hardscape, koi), and POND Trade also promotes the article on the homepage, social media channels and a premium featured position on the website for a week.

Lead Generation via the New Issue Newsletter

A popular marketing solution is the New Issue Newsletter sponsorship, a lead generation option that is sent to 2,000+ pond professionals and offers a banner ad unit (728 x 90) and sponsored messages within the content of the newsletter — 728 x 90 banner ad and three sponsored links that include a headline, image, copy and a link to the advertiser's website.

The sponsored banner ad units should include “call-to-action” messages for readers to interact and reach out to the supplier. Brand awareness is always critical in this era of constant interruption and a multitude of options. For online banner ad units on, the magazine offers the Total Coverage guarantee of 8,000 ad unit impressions per month with at least three different ad units. In 2018, the website visits were up 54% due to fantastic pond construction articles, design content and the annual Water Artisans of the Year Awards. Other notable metrics include an increase of 10 percent of time spent on the website and a 41 percent increase in page views year over year.

The Total Coverage Package & Other AD Units

>> For more information on ad unit prices and lead generation, click here or contact Lora Lee Gelles at 708/306-8372.

In response to our traffic increase and our desire to simplify buying banner space, POND Trade now offers “Total Coverage” on our website by providing multiple ad units when purchasing banner ad space on; image above, right.

Buy banner ad space and receive access to our vertical skyscrapers, horizontal leaderboards, inline feature article ads (very popular!) and additional exposure on our Gallery Spotlight page.

Find “Total Coverage” with POND Trade via our print magazine, website and Facebook page (along with its 4,000+ likes). Plus, if you sign up for more than six months during the year, we will provide a Best Practices Toolkit on how to create call-to-action ad units and spur clickthroughs.

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