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POND Trade's online audience is the home for pond contractors, waterscape leaders, designers, and pondPOND Trade Home Page maintenance companies in North America and Europe. With that audience in mind, POND Trade magazine offers a range of online marketing options to reach this audience with lead generation newsletters, online display advertising, print advertising and SEO-sponsored articles.

POND Trade’s online audience includes a New Issue Newsletter email list of over 2,000 subscribers, an average of 4,700 users each per month, 5,280 Facebook followers and a print issue reach of 5,400 readers in North America and digital edition subscribers around the globe.

Purchase display ad units individually or take advantage of our Total Package for guaranteed ad impressions.

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Sponsored Article with a Focus on SEO-Search Phrase Keywords

The SEO sponsored article is posted on PONDTrademag.com, along with three SEO-related keyword phrases that link to a specific page on the advertiser's website that will enhance SEO rankings. The article can be range from 500-to-1,200 words article and must be a pond-related topic; such as equipment, maintenance, design, hardscape, koi, etc.  In addition to a permanent article on the #1 pond and water garden site, POND Trade also promotes the article on its homepage and social media channels for greater exposure with a "sponsored content" label. Because the article is hosted permanently on the site, it continues to generate additional leads and traffic to your website.

Cost: $500.00

Sponsored Article Includes:

  • A permanent article on the POND Trade website. The Sponsored Article must feature pond, waterscape, koi or hardscape-related content.
  • Three (3) keywords or phrases in the sponsored article copy will link back to the advertiser’s site to
    boost search engine ranking for those specific search terms.
  • The Sponsored Article will be permanently hosted on www.pondtrademag.com. Each supplier is limited to two (2) Sponsored Articles per year.
  • The Sponsored Article will be featured in two POND Trade social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter during the month the article first publishes.
  • The Sponsored Article will be featured on the pondtrademag.com home page for two (2) weeks.

Items Needed:

Total Coverage Package @pondtrademag.com

For guaranteed ad impressions and savings choose POND Trade’s Total Coverage Package. A package purchase includes three(3) ad units (leaderboard, skyscraper and inline ad) to run each month. The rate you pay dictates your exposure. Because each ad can feature a different message, this is a great way to promote
multiple products at significant savings over the rate for purchasing individual units.

  • Pay $250/month and receive a guarantee of 8,000 ad impressions.

  • Pay $450/month and receive a guarantee of 16,000 ad impressions

  • Receive ad reports to monitor your marketing campaign effectiveness

  • Rate includes one ad unit per display size -- 728 x 90, 160 x 600; 300 x 250; no doubling up ad units in display category.

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