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POND Trade's online audience is the home for pond contractors, waterscape leaders, designers, and pond maintenance companies in North America and Europe. With that audience in mind, POND Trade magazine offers a range of online marketing options to reach this audience with lead generation newsletters, online display advertising, print advertising and SEO-sponsored articles.

POND Trade’s online audience includes a New Issue Newsletter email list of over 2,000 subscribers, 25,116 website visitors per month, 5,430 Facebook followers and a print issue reach of 5,400 readers.

>> What are the specifications for a display banner ad unit? See the specifications here for POND's leaderboard, skyscraper and inline ad unit

Sponsored Article with a Focus on SEO-Search Phrase Keywords

The SEO sponsored article is posted on, along with three SEO-related keyword phrases that link to a specific page on the advertiser's website that will enhance SEO rankings. The article can be range from 500-to-1,200 words article and must be a pond-related topic; such as equipment, maintenance, design, hardscape, koi, etc. NEW FOR 2022! In addition to a permanent article on the #1 pond and water garden site, the Sponsored article also offers lead-generation via a eNewsletter blast to over 2,200 pond professionals -- see example here! POND Trade also promotes the article on its homepage and social media channels for greater exposure with a "sponsored content" label, and can be used as content for sponsored link in our lead-generation New Issue Newsletter, see image.  

Updated for 2022 | Sponsored Links for our New Issue Newsletter

A popular marketing solution is the New Issue Newsletter sponsorship, a lead generation option that is sent to 2,000+ pond professionals and offers a banner ad unit (728 x 90) and sponsored messages within the content of the newsletter — 728 x 90 banner ad and three sponsored links that include a headline, image, copy and a link to the advertiser's website.

Our New Issue Newsletter sponsorship now offers sponsored links as part of the advertising within the newsletter, as a supplier's content will be exist next to POND's amazing editorial content, see image. For every clickthrough on supplier content, POND Trade will deliver contact information to the main advertiser and sponsored links with call-to-action will even perform better. Plus, the main sponsor will also provide a 728 x 90 display ad unit.

  • Three sponsored links w/ lead generation -- similar to Google keyword advertising. Advertisers will supply sponsored links material, which includes an 8 to 10 word headline, thumbnail image, 30 to 35 words of copy and destination URL.

  • Also includes one, 728 x 90 leaderboard display ad unit.

  • Only one sponsor per New Issue Newsletter

  • Advertisers receive a lead generation report approximately 2 weeks after the newsletter goes out

The Total Coverage Package & Other AD Units

>> For more information on ad unit prices and lead generation, click here or contact Lora Lee Gelles at 708/306-8372.

POND Trade's website also offers “Total Coverage” on our website by offering multiple, display advertising units to advertisers on that will provide at least 8,000 page views/month of your branding message.

  • Pay $250/month and receive a guarantee of 8,000 page views

  • Pay $450/month and receive a guarantee of 16,000 page views.

  • Sign up for six months and receive a Best Practices on how to create effective "call-to-action" messages.

  • One ad unit per display size -- 728 x 90, 160 x 600 & 300 x 250; no doubling up ad units in display category.

>> For more information on ad unit prices, click here.

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