POND Trade Magazine Announces “Pond Resources”

Published on February 12, 2010

Noticed the new tab on our web site? **Pond Resources** First resource is now available – *Regulated Noxious Aquatic Weeds* complied by Kelly Billing, Nursery Manager, Maryland Aquatic Nursery.

Did you know that Lythrum salicaria (Purple Loosestrife) is banned in 33 states. Download this important list now.

If you follow us on **Twitter,** you would have known about this Friday morning. You can sign up on our web site. Or if you just want to take a look go to twitter.com then search pondtrade (one word) to see our most recent Tweets.

If you have a resource, like how to calculate pond volume or other useful resources for the **Pond Trade,** send it to us and we will add it to our web site. Email Cindy at cindy@pondtrademag.com

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