Pond Forum to benefit Make a Wish Foundation!

Published on February 19, 2009

Anjon Manufacturing announces that they have joined with Industrial Sales to present Pond Forum 2009. “The Pond Forum is a very unique spin on the traditional Anjon Pond Build”, stated Anjon CEO Jon Lottes. “A traditional Anjon Pond Build is catered to the installer and or distributor, however, the Pond Forum will allow Homeowners and Do It Yourselfer’s a glimpse of this intense training process.”

Carson Enterprises’ jumped on board immediately when presented with the notion and will host the location in Omaha, Nebraska. Scott Carson of Carson Enterprises stated that he “fully supports this new way of thinking for pond education” and backed up his words with a large contribution to make the event happen. Homeowners will have the opportunity to witness the pond construction process and develop a first hand relationship with installers. “Armed with tricks of the trade some attendees will want to tackle the project themselves; while others will learn a pond install is better left to the professional”, Carson commented.

To be a part of Pond Forum 2009 contact Anjon Manufacturing at 800.553.5605 or www. AnjonMFG.com. Pond Forum 2009 will be held May 1st and May 2nd, 2009 in Omaha Nebraska. All proceeds raised will be donated to Make a Wish Foundation.

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