The Pond Digger ROCKS the Heartland – Feb 25th

Published on February 11, 2015

Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger, will be teaching classes on both pond design and construction at this year’s Water Garden Expo in Shawnee, Oklahoma on February 25th, 2015. 

Eric has the honor of leading an extraordinary pond build with the help oeric_1f some of the most talented pond builders in the industry. Triplett will be incorporating pond products from several different manufacturers that will be showcased at the convention center during the Water Garden Expo.

Learn how to tie everything together and create a beautiful, living, functional, piece of artwork that you will want in your very own backyard.

Get your hands dirty and sweat alongside The Pond Digger himself, Demi Fortuna the 2014 “Waterscaper of the Year” and the 2014 Helix Life Support Pond Contractor of the Year that won’t even be recognized until February 26th during the opening ceremony at the Water Garden EXPO!

Come and learn fun tips and great tricks from these industry leaders at this very special event. Learn trade secrets about insuring fantastic water quality and super low maintenance.

By combining puzzle pieces from Helix Life Support, Atlantic Water Gardens, Franklin Electric, Danner, Sequence Pumps, Aqua Ultra Violet, and Aquascape, you’ll learn how many different manufacturers can work together to not only make an amazing water feature but to unite on a pond build for the “Benefit of the Industry”.Bury The Hatchet  1768

Triplett said, “The last pond build I had the honor of running similar to the one we have planned for Water Garden Expo 2015 was EPIC!” “It was a multi-cultural pond build using a variety of different manufacturers!!!” “A melting pot if you will.”

Triplett added, “As a proud American, I recognize the United States of America is a “melting pot! A NATION of culture, diversity and greatness! Much like the Water Garden Expo pond build will be.”

Some of the most talented guys from the Authorized Helix Contractor Nation are scheduled to be on location during the pond build, as well as Certified Contractors from Atlantic Water Gardens, the International Professional Pond Companies Association and talented artists from the Certified Aquascape Contractor program are scheduled to be on hand at this very special event.

At a pond build similar to the one scheduled at the Water Garden Expo 2015, Triplett “Buried The Hatchet” and literally buried a hatchet next to the pond with Koi Pond Expert, Kent Wallace, as a symbol of the Water Garden World and the Koi Pond World working together to try and unite our amazing industry!!!

Triplett finished with, “It is my hope the Water Garden Expo Pond Build of 2015 will be one to be remembered and change the lives of many of my peers!” “I’m planning on making new friends and reuniting with old friends I haven’t seen in quite a while!”

As Eric would say, “Life is Short, Enjoy Koi.”

It’s not to late to register for the Water Garden Expo. Follow this link to secure your spot while you still can.


Kloubec Koi Farm

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