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Published on May 1, 2012

Finished Project
Finished Project

The build started with the client’s existing 10´ x 12´ pond that had become overgrown with aquatic plants and the koi had outgrown their environment.

**Project:** Create a lifestyle backyard for the client’s enjoyment. Existing pond housed 22 koi ranging from 16˝ to 30˝ that needed to be cared for during the construction process. Space for stock piling materials was limited. The water feature had to be low maintenance with an advanced filtration method.

We designed a feature that included two wetlands filtration areas – the first being installed within the lower 16´ x 21´ x 2 ½´ pond and being designed to pull the water down through the root zone of the aquatic plants. The second wetlands was designed as an ‘up-flow’ system located by the starting point of the feature.

The feature has a 27´ long x 4´ wide stream also planted with a wide selection of aquatic plants.

There is a 5 1/2´ grade change from the main pond’s water level to the upper waterfall.

The main pond is located next to the client’s existing patio area and a ‘fish tunnel’ and 2 ‘fish caves’ were installed. Three watt LED lighting within the pond was installed to extend the night time viewing pleasure. We also installed a large (5´ x 7´) 1.5 ton New York slab rock as a meditation rock close to the waterfalls along with smaller 4´ x 4´ flat slabs to walk along the edge of the pond and for interacting with the koi.

This project involved removing 25 yards of soil off site. We also brought in 22 tons of Fieldstone Boulders ranging in size from 8˝ – 30˝ – (8) 3´ x 4´ NY slab rocks, (1) 5´ x 7´ NY slab rock, (24) Large Aquablox, 1 Aquascape BioFalls, (9) 3 watt LED lights, (15) 1 watt LED lights, (1) Aquasurge 5000 GPH pump, (1) 7,000 Aquasurge pump, 80´ of 3˝ flex pipe, and 45 assorted hardy aquatic plants and lilies, with an additional 15 tropical plants added during the season. Numerous landscape plants including evergreens and perennials were installed throughout the project area. Also a 10´ x 10´ irregular Bluestone patio, natural stone steps, and Pennsylvania Fieldstone retaining walls were installed to create terraces & outside rooms all with views of the water feature.

Total time to install project 14 working days with a crew of 7 men.

Equipment (1) Bobcat 341 excavator, (1) S300 Bobcat Skidsteer, (1) Bobcat MT 52 skidsteer.

Total retail cost of project $78,000.00.

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