OxiDate Ready to Spray is OMRI Listed

Published on November 7, 2011

*BioSafe Systems OxiDate Ready to Spray is OMRI Listed*

BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce that OxiDate Ready to Spray Fungicide/Bactericide is OMRI Listed for use in organic gardening. OxiDate Ready to Spray is a hook-to-hose product for use in fruit and vegetable gardens, to help control diseases such as Botrytis and Dollar spot. It has superior coverage (up to 12,000 sq. ft) making it a unique product in the market.

OxiDate Ready to Spray is designed to provide the homeowner with a “green” but effective product that will produce better crops without leaving behind chemical residues. After reacting with disease pathogens, OxiDate Ready to Spray breaks down into water and oxygen, making it an ideal alternative to harsh chemicals such as copper.

The activated peroxide chemistry is based on BioSafe Systems’ commercial OxiDate product, which has been used in the agriculture industry for over ten years. BioSafe Systems is also committed to protecting what matters most. That’s why we’re determined to make effective products that are truly
eco-friendly. BioSafe Systems’ products can be used around kids, pets, and the environment.

BioSafe Systems – A green thumb is good. A green brain is better.™

About BioSafe Systems, LLC – The BioSecurity Company

Introducing a complete line of organic disease control solutions for homeowners.

BioSafe Systems’ OxiDate Ready to Spray is OMRI Listed
BioSafe Systems, LLC is the manufacturer of disease control solutions such as ZeroTol Broad Spectrum Algaecide/Fungicide, OxiDate Broad Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide and GreenClean Granular Algaecide. With a presence in the agriculture, animal health, post harvest, horticulture, turf, retail, and aquatics industries, BioSafe Systems will continue growing with the release of new products and solutions to meet the disease-control needs of homeowners and professionals alike.

BioSafe Systems, LLC.
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East Hartford, CT 06108
1.888.273.3088 (toll-free)
Fax: 860.290.8802

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