NY State Regulation on Invasive Species Takes Effect March 10

Published on March 5, 2015

The new Prohibited and Regulated Invasive Species list (6 NYCRR Part 575) goes into effect on March 10, 2015, via the New York Department of Environmental Conservation department.

Some readers and interested parties, including Bergen Water Gardens & Nursery discussed some of the finer points via a Feb 27 blog post on their site:

Parrot's feather is now illegal to own in New York, effective March 10, 2015.
Parrot’s feather is now illegal to own in New York, effective March 10, 2015.

Most importantly, ALL Goldfish and Koi are now regulated which means they must be permanently identified as “Invasive Species-Harmful to the Environment” and cared for and “disposed of” properly. Bergen Water Gardens works hard to educate our customers about risks of potentially invasive species and to manage all of our ponds in a responsible manner. Bergen Water Gardens maintains adoption ponds so unwanted fish may be re-homed to prevent their release into area streams, ponds and lakes. We must all do our part to protect the waters and land of New York State from invasive species.

According to the New York Invasive Species Information web site, the new regulation differentiates between prohibited and regulated invasive species below:

Prohibited invasive species cannot be knowingly possessed with the intent to sell, import, purchase, transport or introduce. In addition, no person shall sell, import, purchase, transport, introduce or propagate prohibited invasive species. Regulated invasive species, on the other hand, are species which cannot be knowingly introduced into a free-living state, or introduced by a means that one should have known would lead to such an introduction, although such species shall be legal to possess, sell, buy, propagate and transport.

[box]>> Via POND Industry resources section to view the entire list of invasive species via the NY Environmental Conservation Dept. web page. [/box]

Pet World and the Aqua Shoppe mentioned by way of a blog post on their site that:

These new regulations make aquarium plants Anacharis, Cabomba and Parrot’s Feather  illegal to sell in New York State. Weather Loach, Gold Weather Loach and Mosquitofish are prohibited. Two species of saltwater Lionfish and ALL Goldfish and Koi are now regulated, which means they must be permanently identified as “Invasive Species-Harmful to the Environment” and cared for and “disposed of” properly. Other animals added as regulated species are Monk or Quaker Parakeet, Red-eared Slider Turtle and the African Clawed Frog.

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