Now Available – Victoria ‘Adventure’

Published on February 16, 2012

For what is most likely the first commercial offering, Victoria ‘Adventure,’ the seldom seen fourth variety of Victoria lilies will be available to water gardener’s this year. ‘Adventure’ is the result of reversing the cross used to make the popular Victoria ‘Longwood Hybrid’ and for years was thought to be impossible.

The pads reach 3 – 8´ and are bronzy-green with 2 – 3˝ dark red rims. The larger flowers are creamy white the first night and medium to light pink the second night.

Orders can be placed now, and with a $25.00 deposit your plant will be reserved for shipment in Spring/Summer 2012.

Quantities are limited and vary from year to year depending on the growing season, so orders for 2012 will be closed as soon as the available plants are sold.

Limited quantities of this unique Victoria will be available in the 2012 season from

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