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November / December, 2014

By POND Content Network

Published on December 10, 2014

Publishers Perspective

Models, athletes, politicians, movie stars … magazine covers are pretty predictable these days. Of course, we at POND Trade are never content with the same old thing, so we’ve decided to buck the trend! This month’s cover star may be a little bland compared to the aforementioned celebrities, but you’ll agree he’s — well, it’s — quite a bit more stable!

Yes, concrete is the star of POND Trade’s November/December issue. And though it may not have much in the way of personality, it’s somehow still the source of some fiesty debate! While many pond builders consider concrete a necessity for a structurally sound pond, others swear by liner for its impermeability. In our cover story (part of our “Best Practices” series), Kent Wallace presents a new approach: Why not both? Though some consider them enemies, Kent’s got a lot of reasons why concrete and liner — like peanut butter and jelly — work much better together.

In other news, fall is here!

For much of our readership, that means shutting down ponds and getting them ready for winter. Do you know how to prepare your pond for the big freeze? No matter how you answered, I still recommend turning to pg. 43, where Jamie Beyer lays out the crucial steps you should take to keep your fish safe through the winter.

Speaking of crucial steps, you’ll surely enjoy reading Mark MJ Wilson’s account of the near-disaster he experienced when a few crucial steps were skipped during his build at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show! Turn to pg. 14 to read how Mark turned a series of unfortunate events into a magnificent, medal-winning masterpiece.

Do you know what Yelp is? If you said, “The sound my dog makes when I step on his tail,” you’ll definitely want to read Joe Dysart’s story about online reviews. Customer comments on the Internet can make or break your business (sometimes without you knowing it), so responding well to negative reviews and managing your online presence is a skill that all pond businesses need to master.

The same goes for us, which is why you’ll soon be noticing an upgrade. In just a few weeks, POND Trade will have a brand new website! We’re redesigning the site from the ground up to deliver a rich, beautiful reading experience. The layout is simple, streamlined and easy on the eyes, bringing the impact of our in-depth stories and colorful images to the foreground. We’ll also be starting up a new monthly feature called “Contractor’s Corner” where you (yes, you!) can share a project that you have worked on or a solution to a problem you found. Anything that is worth sharing with your peers is fair game, so if you have an article idea you’d like to contribute, please email me at llgelles@pondtrademag.com.

Happy PONDering!

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