November / December, 2013

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Judging from the leaves in my yard and the pumpkin coffee in my cup, fall is finally here and things are starting to slow down a bit. It’s once again time for a final season cleanup, and once that’s over it will be time to strategize for the next pond season. So get those leaves out of your pond, pull up a chair and let’s talk about the off-season!
For we snowy winter people, this time of year brings a lot more free time. You may want to start jotting down projects that you’ve been wanting to accomplish — or find that crumpled-up list you made a year ago and actually start tackling the items on it!

Perhaps you are thinking about buying some new equipment. Or maybe you’re thinking of starting a new website or revamping an old one. If so, be sure to read Mark Battersby’s article on capital purchases on page 38. You have to spend money to make money, and his tips may give you some much-needed financial breaks (or save you from unnecessary costs).

Have you been itching to try hydroponics, aeroponics or aquaponics? These soilless growing technologies are revolutionizing the way we grow food, and that koi pond of yours may play a bigger role than you realize. Mike Garcia walks you through the implications of this exciting new phenomenon on page 14.

As for me, I am excited to share some big news. POND Trade now has an editorial committee! We formed this group so that POND Trade would have a panel of experts to bounce ideas off each other and establish what kinds of topics we should be covering in the magazine.

The committee is composed of Rick Bartel from PONDS for Peace, Demi Fortuna from Atlantic Water Gardens, Benjamin Timmermans from Liquid Landscapes, Rick Smith from EasyPro, POND Trade Editor Peter Celauro and myself. With passionate experts like these onboard, the editorial committee will ensure that we keep your interest piqued and our information timely and accurate. You, the readers, deserve nothing less.
Be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox in the weeks to come, as next month’s issue contains a doozy of a feature: a yet-untitled report on “the great swim pond debate” that has the pond community divided! Peter Celauro is gathering information and opinions for this investigative article, so be sure to email him at to make your voice heard.

Until then, Happy PONDering!

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