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November / December, 2012

PondTradeMag-Nov-Dec-12Publishers’ Perspective

Wow, where did the year go? When you receive this issue we may still be in Orlando, Florida for INFO TANZA. An article and pictures covering this event will be in the January/February 2013 issue. Also in that issue the Product of the Year selections will be featured. We are looking forward to meeting up with you in Florida!

Going back in time, Cindy and I were fortunate to take a “vacation” to New Orleans; a rare event. But even on vacation we are attracted to water features, fountains, koi, and the beauty. It has been 30 years since the first time we last visited New Orleans. It was pretty much the way we remembered it, which was wonderful. Of course we had to go to places like Cafe Du Monde and Bourbon Street.

We stumbled (no we didn’t stumble because we had been drinking) upon the famous Pat Obrien’s Courtyard that had two fire and water fountains. Pictured here is the smaller of the two. It was illuminated with alternating colored lights, which added nicely to the impact. To see the larger fountain turn to Finishing Up – New Orleans on page 46.

It was interesting to see that many of the rain down spouts in the French Quarter were molded in the shape of a koi-like fish; some looked brand new and some looked a hundred years old.

This time of year we like to think about the past and plan for the future. If you have something planned for next year be sure to share it with us at pr@pondtrademag.com.

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