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November / December, 2009

By POND Content Network

Published on November 26, 2009

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New Help From POND Trade Magazine

If you are like most of us, there are times when we just need to ask a question of someone. Where do you turn? Many of us have local experts to call on, but that may feel like taking advantage, or be embarrassing. And some questions are just not that easy to find an answer for. Well, we are here to help. We have lined up a group of experts that are ready to lend you a hand, and that list will continue to grow. To start, we have teamed up with the IWGS to handle questions relating to aquatic plants and water gardening. To address your koi questions, Joe Pawlak of Blackwater Creek Koi Farm will lend a hand. Plus you will see other new and familiar faces on the QnA panel as well; so, don’t hesitate to shoot off an inquiry at pondtrademag.com/qna/. We are here to help.

Hear Both Sides of the Story

Hear both sides of the story in our new section Counter-Point, hosted by Steve Stroupe. He will tackle topics that we hear argued about time after time, and bring together qualified representatives to present and defend both sides of the story. Guaranteed to be entertaining and enlightening, don’t miss this new feature. Watch for this one at pondtrademag.com/counterpoint/ soon. Sign up for the Articles RSS feed (more on that below), and get notified when the fun begins.

Garden Market Expo

After a day of exploring the Garden Market Expo show in Las Vegas recently, I was once again inspired by the spirit of innovation on display there. Root Pouch was showing off a set of fabric plant containers that are biodegradable, with a range of versions that degrade between 15 months to six years. For those ponds where planting is intended to be permanent, these bags can be easy to handle, save time and help the plant become established. The fabric allows the penetration of water and roots, so that the plants are able to reach into the pond water or surrounding strata for additional nutrients. We also saw some very rugged plastic tree boxes that could be used for a trickle tower filter quite nicely from Amaroo Boxes. IWGS President, Jim Purcell of Jims Watergardening, was there with a booth packed full of beautiful aquatic plants. He seemed to always have someone in his booth enjoying all his products.

Planning for 2010

As we look forward to 2010 you will see us dive deeper into a wide range of pond issues and technologies. In the last two issues we have introduced two pond designs that fall in between the rock bottom water garden and traditional koi pond, called the Hybrid and Crossover pond. Wherever there is a meeting between disparate ideas, there is potential for friction as well as creativity. As you read over these articles, I hope you find them stimulating, and interesting. I look forward to your feedback. You can contact me directly at tomg@pondtrademag.com, or comment on the article directly on the web at pondtrademag.com/articles/.

Green Digital Edition Subscriptions Now Available

At POND Trade Magazine, we have been working behind the scenes to develop pondtrademag.com into a faster, and more sophisticated site. We have launched the Digital version of POND Trade Magazine, with the September issue, and now you can get your subscription in print, digital or both. Digital publishing opens up many exciting new opportunities for our readers and advertisers alike. Already, we have implemented a new feature – click on a display ad and you will be taken to the advertisers’ website. If you would like to take advantage of our green alternative and go digital, its easy at pondtrademag.com/subscribe/.

Social Media Opportunities

Do you Twitter yet? Do you use an RSS Reader to keep up to date? Now you can follow us on Twitter and get articles, late breaking news and press releases instantly, as they happen; go to twitter.com/PONDTrade. We have three new RSS Feeds – new articles, press releases/news and advertising specials and reminders. If this technology is new to you, read our article on how to get started today – Getting Started with Social Media with POND Trade; on our website at www.pondtrademag.com/about/feeds/. More is happening on the Internet all the time. It is our mission to bring you the tools and information you need to be more successful in your businesses every day.

Get Free Publicity

How does free publicity sound? If you are not sending us your press releases and new product announcements, you are missing a golden opportunity. We post new submissions nearly every day, and often see them hit our front page the same day. Out trade news, which includes your press releases, are also quickly indexed by Google. This is no accident. We are investing in the future, knowing we are an information distribution company, not just a magazine. It is part of POND Trade Magazine’s long-term commitment to you, our readers, writers, and advertisers.

Check in regularly – sign up for all our new digital offerings, and keep up to date on what’s happening in the pond trade at pondtrademag.com.

Tom Graham

Kloubec Koi Farm

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