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November / December, 2008

By POND Content Network

Published on November 26, 2008

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Who is Your Competition?

Welcome to PondBiz Magazine. Our goal is to help this industry find new ways to share knowledge and experience, so every business can reach their own potential in the quest for excellence. I believe we all win if we work together.

You ask, “who is your competition?”

Every business has competitors. For many of us, we think of the pond dealer across town, or that site on the Internet as our biggest competitor. I would suggest you rethink that perspective a bit, and consider this. Isn’t any business in this industry really competing for the same discretionary income that the travel industry is trying to attract? Are we not really competing with Nike, for that $90 our customer might spend on a pair of running shoes, or the outdoor living store trying to sell the new outdoor kitchen system.

We are also competing with the oil companies, as they drain cash out of our customer’s pockets, who might otherwise have spent that money on a new koi or night blooming water lily. These competitors are a bigger threat to our businesses than that other dealer in town could ever be.

So what do we need to do? First we need to try to stop seeing each other as the enemy, and start supporting each other. As an industry, I believe we will all be best served if we can consider others in our small community as friends and partners, working together to lift each other up. Together we can all achieve greatness and fulfillment. We really do have more in common than our differences. We have all made the commitment to make our living in the garden pond business – around a product that brings great joy to those who add them to their yard. Ponds are a universal symbol of comfort and peace, achievement and serenity.

My vision for PondBiz Magazine is to be a force to bring the industry together in a common goal of sharing knowledge and passion. I see a great community of hard working, committed entrepreneurs, sometimes fractured by differing methods, but united in a vision. The vision of providing a bit of heaven, whatever its form, to as many homes and families as we possibly can, and supporting them in a long term relationship of trust and joy.

So I ask you this. Will you join me to share your wisdom with your fellow pond professionals? PondBiz Magazine is the conduit. You are the source and the recipient. We can all learn from each other if we are not afraid to share what we have learned the hard way, openly with each other. I have met with many of you already about this, and have commitments to get the ball rolling. Together we all get better at what we do, and the industry becomes stronger and more successful.

Let us hear what your dreams and visions, challenges and barriers are. Let us help solve your dilemmas so we can all grow and prosper together. We are here to serve. What can we do for you?

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