Published on February 17, 2010


Each hand-blown glass orb brings beauty, glowing colors and one-of-a-kind artistry to a durable, practical and weather-resistant lighting system LaSorgente Glass Studio has introduced NightOrbs, a new concept in landscape illumination that brings the beauty of handblown glass and magical color into the garden.

In daylight, the vibrant colors of the artisan glass orbs provide a visual structure for outdoor spaces, becoming the perfect accent to flowers in bloom. At night, the soft, patterned light transforms the landscape into a magical place, inviting lingering stays to enjoy the open-air environment. In the fall and winter, when gardens are bare, NightOrbs continue to enchant, as glowing works of art against the fallen leaves or illuminating the winter snow.

NightOrbs provide a new level of personal expression for garden enthusiasts and landscape professionals. They are a colorful enhancement to the greenery of pachysandra and other ground covers or to background foliage. They provide both function and artistry in lighting a pathway, framing stone steps, sitting on deck railings, bordering gardens, illuminating in ponds or attached to outdoor walls. NightOrbs enhance the outdoor lifestyle of every homeowner, making the garden a more stimulating and uplifting source of pleasure to be enjoyed all year long. When numbers of NightOrbs are grouped together, or strung across the landscape, their impact is intensified.

The year-round NightOrbs are eight-inch handblown globes with beautiful color combinations nestled in corrosion-resistant, bronze-colored bases. We have another type of NightOrb called a WaterOrb, which can float in ponds or hang from a trellis. The glass itself is approximately one-quarter inch thick, providing strength and durability through the coldest winters and the hottest summers.

NightOrbs work on standard 12-volt low-voltage systems. Currently, 39 color patterns of NightOrbs are available, although each one will differ slightly as a handblown original.

With the modern fabrication techniques developed by Tom Rupnicki at LaSorgente, homeowners and landscape architects alike can now have individually crafted, lighting solution.

**For more information,** visit or call toll-free 484-620-2976.

**SPECIFICATIONS** NightOrbs: 8˝ hand-blown glass globe, approximately 1⁄4˝ thick, weighing approx. 4 lbs. Base: corrosion-resistant, bronze-colored powder coated aluminum base, or cast silicon Bronze base for near ocean environments. Stems range from 1˝ through 36˝ in height Ground stake: 6˝ anchoring system secures Night-Orbs into the ground. Lamp: 12-volt MR-16 socket with 20 watt long-life Xylogen bulb included. Voltage: 12V (low voltage transformer and cable not included). Connector: Each NightOrb comes with its own lead wire, which connects directly to a 12-volt underground burial cable using a standard professional silicone connector.

**About Tom Rupnicki** Tom Rupnicki is the creative force behind LaSorgente Glass Studio, as artisan, glassblower and conceptual designer. He founded LaSorgente in 1997, after a career running his own commercial flooring business. He has studied the art of glassblowing under master glass artisans at the Tyler School of Art, in suburban Philadelphia, and the Corning Studio in New York. He also has studied ceramics at the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, and holds a B.F.A. in photography from Columbia College of Art, in Chicago. His glasswork has been featured in galleries throughout the United States, including American Craftsman, in New York City; Kela’s, in Kauai, Hawaii; Seekers Glass Gallery, in Cambria, California; and Gallery Vetro, in San Antonio, Texas.

**About LaSorgente Glass Studio LaSorgente**, located in the Philadelphia area, is a creative glass studio. It specializes in producing one-of-a-kind handblown fixtures that marry artistic design with durable functionality. The studio boasts a 600 pound furnace, a fusion oven, a five-pot color furnace, two large annealers, and a cold shop for finishing work.

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