New Regular Strength of MinnFinn

Published on March 24, 2010

Aqua*Finn* is pleased to announce the next addition to the Minn*Finn* family of Effective and Environmentally safe and non-toxic products. Now available is the regular strength version of Minn*Finn* which has all of the same treatment characteristics as Minn*Finn* Max **(POND Trade Magazines Overall Champion Product of the Year)** but is a non-hazardous material to ship and can thus be sent anywhere, anytime at any speed in the US.

As with Minn*Finn* Max, regular strength Minn*Finn* is a revolutionary new treatment for your Koi and Goldfish. Up till now there were very few tools available to fish keepers to effectively treat external diseases. And of those, many are toxic to you, the fish and the environment.

The Minn*Finn* family of products have been developed to be easy to use, effective at ridding most parasites (i.e. Costia and Trichodina), including flukes, and external bacterial infections, from your Koi and Goldfish, often in one treatment. Imagine being able to treat fish, neutralize the treatment with Neu*Finn* and not have to worry about water changes. There is also no worry about the addition of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and that may be toxic to the fish and the user.

It is time to start using more responsible products and reduce the use of cancer causing agents and heavy metals which are harmful to the user, the fish and the environment. We at Aqua*Finn* are promoting **Product Responsibility** with the introduction of the Minn*Finn* family of products and now with the regular strength Minn*Finn*. The Minn*Finn* family now offers an alternative with no toxicity to you, no long term toxicity to the fish, no toxicity to the environment, no water changes and no worries.

Regular strength Minn*Finn* is available in one liter bottles and treats 2240 gallons of water. As with Minn*Finn* Max, Minn*Finn* also includes the Neu*Finn* neutralizer.

For more information please contact your local distributor, dealer or us at Aqua*Finn* at 800-955-0221. Please also see our web sites and

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