New Pump UV Combination by TotalPond

Published on January 7, 2011

#TotalPond® Invigorates Water Garden Product Line-up With a New Look and Launch of Patented UV Pumps#
*Improved Technology and Energy Efficiency Are Highlighted*

West Palm Beach, FL – January 2011 – TotalPond®, a leading water garden brand, introduces patented, industrial-grade pumps featuring Ultra Violet (UV) technology to its line of water garden products. The new 800gph pond pump and 1300gph waterfall pump merge aeration and UV filtration into a single, affordable unit to help maintain a clean and healthy pond.

Superior clarity is achieved by integrating a high-tech “hot cathode UV tube” directly in the pump to more effectively sterilize water as it circulates. This modernized UV tube has a unique spiral design and is longer (four inches) than a typical UV tube to provide seven times longer UV exposure time. The patented stator structure within the pump provides maximum flow over the UV bulb in a linear path that also cools the pump. The result is a dual-purpose pump that helps maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria while eliminating unwanted algae growth to sustain a clean pond. Additionally, a pump barrier bag is included to protect the pump from debris.

“Our goal is to stay at the forefront of technological advances for water garden enthusiasts of all skill levels,” says Doug Ward, president of GeoGlobal Partners. “With the addition of UV technology into the line, we are ensuring that water gardeners of all levels have access to affordable, powerful pro-grade pumps. Additionally, we’ve created bolder packaging labels to help consumers quickly discern the features of these and other TotalPond branded products.”

The UV pumps are a great addition to the “total” approach to water gardening created by the brand. TotalPond easily delineates the right products needed for each step of the pond building process by categorizing the pond components into four segments: fill, flow, clean and decorate.

To learn more about the TotalPond line-up, pond building and maintenance, log-on to

**About TotalPond®:**
TotalPond is a recognized leader in the water gardening category since 2004, providing almost 50 years of combined experience in the marketing and engineering of water gardening products. TotalPond is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida and features a full line of professional-grade water gardening products for novice to experienced water gardeners.

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