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Published on April 8, 2009

1. Complete Disappearing Water Feature Kit
Unique new kit contains all components needed to set the imagination free. The 36” disappearing water basin can be buried or used with fountains to create a disappearing affect for custom water features. The flexible design is rugged, holding up to 2,000 pounds, and allows for trouble-free maintenance and easy access to the included 1,000 gph pump. Also included is 25’ of non-kink tubing to allow for more flexible installation options.

2. Non-Kink Tubing
Black non-kink tubing is safer for fish and other aquatic life and becomes virtually invisible when installed below the water’s surface. The premium, black material of Little Giant’s tubing inhibits algae growth while the kink-free design makes it flexible and easy to position. Available in 25’ lengths with interior diameters from ¾” to 1 ½”, this strong, durable tubing won’t collapse from back pressure or reasonable weight from cover materials.

3. Complete Pond Kits
All new, complete pond kits are the perfect answer for busy consumers who want to enhance their outdoor living space with minimal fuss. Each kit contains the liner, underlayment, tubing, pump and filter for building a basic pond or water feature holding up to 800 or 1200 Gallons. All components necessary are conveniently packaged so that consumers can purchase with confidence.

4 and 5. Water Feature Flex Pump Series
The Little Giant brand of Water Feature Pumps are offered to exact specifications for optimum efficiency and extended life. Each pump is constructed out of stainless steel and durable thermoplastic and will operate in both submersed and out-of-pond applications. With six different sizes, these robust pumps can meet the rigorous demands of the most impressive water features. Installed in conjunction with a skimmer and a biological waterfall filter, these pumps are the ideal accessory for a complete, ecologically balanced water feature system.

Featuring a 5-year warranty, these submersible pumps are ideal for powering water features and pond filtration systems with flows from 1,000 to 8,700 gallons per hour. They are rated for continuous duty and the clog-resistant design is capable of passing solid materials. The energy efficient, stainless steel canned motor produces only 106 to 730 watts and assists in cooling and extending the life of the pump.

ABOUT FRANKLIN ELECTRIC CO., INC. (NASDAQ: FELE): Franklin Electric is a global leader in the production and marketing of water and fuel pumping systems and is a technical leader in submersible motors, drives, controls and monitoring devices. Franklin Electric has produced high-quality industrial pumps, filters and accessories for over 50 years. By introducing the new Little Giant® PondWorks® program, Franklin Electric now brings the same exceptional knowledge, experience, and quality to the recreational water gardening and outdoor living markets. Quality, Availability, Service, Innovation and Value are the core foundations of every Franklin Electric Water Transfer Program. For additional information, contact Franklin Electric Water Transfer Systems at 405-947-2511, or visit the company’s website at

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