NEW! PondLogic® MuckAway™ Total Lake

Published on April 30, 2015

Airmax Inc. introduces a new, affordable, way to remove muck from large natural ponds and lakes. PondLogic® MuckAway™ Total Lake (TL), a new addition to the successful line of MuckAway™ shoreline cleaners, is a highly concentrated blend of bacteria and enzymesPR_web_MuckAwayTotalLake that will effectively remove 1”-2” of muck each month from your pond or lake.

Available in 36 lb. buckets, the easy to use tablets treat 1 acre for up to 1½ months.

Fox Lake Case Study:

Concerned property owners on Fox Lake, a popular recreational lake located in Oakland County Michigan, placed a call to Airmax Inc. to help solve its heavy muck, prolific plant growth and eutrophic water issues. After installing several aeration systems, beginning in late May 2014, Airmax began applying MuckAway™ TL to the entire lake to aggressively accelerate the muck reduction. To accurately measure success, a sampling method was established to quantify the changes in the lake bed.

After the late start, and less than 6 months of treatments at 4-week intervals, almost 6.5 inches of Muck was gone from the lake bed. Property owners were ecstatic and are looking forward to a full season of MuckAway TL applications and seeing the results at the end of the summer.

For more information on MuckAway TL contact:

Airmax Inc.


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