New Pet Design Premium Koi Foods Come to the U.S.

Published on December 11, 2014

141211cobalshoriCobalt Aquatics is pleased to announce their new updated website, The new site is easy to use, and filled with helpful information regarding all new and original product lines. You are able to easily view product information and videos, plus contact the company with any questions directly through the site.

Cobalt is also excited to be able to offer Japan Pet Design premium Koi foods to the United States. JPD has a rich and proud 200 year history of Koi and goldfish breeding and fish food production in Japan. JPD is the inventor of the first floating pellet and continues to perfect their Koi diets in cooperation with Koi breeders and Japan’s National Fisheries University. Featuring 4.4lb, 11lb, and 22lb sizes in five flavors to ensure optimum nutrition for all Koi in any season or location around the world.

[box]Please visit to learn more about JPD Koi foods, as well as all of Cobalt’s saltwater and freshwater foods and aquarium products.[/box]

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