New OASE Smart Technology Pumps and Filter Now Available in North America

Published on April 23, 2019

The highly anticipated ProfiClear Premium Compact-M filter and AquaMax Eco Expert pumps have been successfully implemented in Europe and are now available in North America. In addition to working with the new Easy Garden Control System (EGC), the pumps and filter qualify for OASE’s Clear Water Guarantee.

The ProfiClear Premium Compact-M is a powerful self cleaning filter for ponds up to 21,000 gallons. The Moving Bed System with Hel-X 13 biomedia offers effective nutrient and pollutant decomposition in the water and a large surface area for the settlement of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria. The compact drum filter requires very little maintenance and seamlessly integrates the OASE Bitron C UV Clarifiers.

AquaMax Eco Expert pumps feature a robust stainless steel intake screen that displaces coarse debris particles up to 11 millimeters in size. The AquaMax Eco Expert pumps feature Environmental Function Control (EFC), an automatic system shut-off that prevents damage in the event of a running dry or blockage. They also features patented Seasonal Flow Control (SFC), which allows for intelligent and environmentally-conscious regulation of flow rate and pumping height based on water temperature.

These products are part of the new revolutionary EGC system, which facilitates convenient control and operation of the connected products from anywhere in the world using the OASE Cloud service via tablet or smartphone app. The system also provides feedback concerning operation status, power consumption and overall performance diagnostics. This data can then be analyzed, formatted and stored on the OASE Cloud. If any technical or performance problems occur, the homeowner or installer can be notified via email so the issue can be resolved.
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      Hi Paula.
      Glad you found us! I took a look at the article you mentioned on the Backyard Style website, and I noticed that every article they have on there is always a “top five” of this and that product. POND Trade does not run that type of article. We are geared towards pond professionals/installers, but we do offer a lot of great info about pumps. You should nose around a bit, and also take note of the advertisements. There are a lot of great companies out there that offer great pumps. I’m sure you could look on their sites and do some comparison shopping. Good luck!

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