New Goldfish – Sunrise Shubunkin

Published on April 26, 2012

Ozark Fisheries is proud to introduce the **Sunrise Shubunkin** into our line of goldfish and koi. Looking for a way to increase your goldfish and koi sales to existing customers and drive in new business at the same time? One way to do just that is to add new varieties of fish to your stock, and Ozark’s Sunrise Shubunkin is just the fish for you.

Unlike standard Shubunkins, Ozark’s Sunrise Shubunkins do not have red, orange or black markings. Sunrise Shubunkins have transparent scales, which allows their pink gills to show through, as well as a light blue body. Most also have solid black eyes. Sunrise Shubunkins are a great addition to any backyard pond or water garden. They are a community fish and do well when mixed with butterfly koi, koi, sarasa comets and channel catfish.

These are truly unique fish and available to purchase from our Missouri farm now!

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