New “Designer” Rain Barrels

Published on September 14, 2015

A new line of Good Ideas, Inc. rain barrels features textured finishes molded into the barrels, accurately depicting bark, wicker, palm, reflections and the classic hoop barrel design plus Nantucket and Savannah versions. Available in 50, 65 and 90 gallon versions, the Impression Series collection provides a welled planter top on the barrel enabling homeowners to plant colorful floral arrangements or vegetables. These designer rain barrels fit easily under downspouts with MSRP ranging from $128 to $279 for the extra-large 90 gallon rain saver.

rain_barrelThese unique rain barrels are made of durable polyethylene construction and are available in a variety of eye-catching colors. The LLDPE material specification enhances the Impression Series’ ability to withstand an impact. Two sturdy, brass spigots with offset locations permit using a five gallon bucket or hose simultaneously without issue.

Good Ideas’ efficient rain barrels are popular in areas where water conservation is critical.  However, rain barrels are often used to functionally decorate patios and gardens while saving every drop of fresh, mineral-rich rain water to nourish gardens, flower plants and lawns. In addition to the new Impression Series rain barrels, Good Ideas offers a wide variety of water saving barrels ranging from 40 to 300 gallon capacities as well as a line of garden compost containers.

For more information, visit, email customer or call 866/595-4332.

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