NetPave Porous Pavers

Published on February 13, 2012

**Pondliner Wholesale introduces: “NetPave Porous Pavers” from Firestone**

**NetPave® 25 is the easy-to-install paving system for grass.** NetPave® 25 porous pavers are intended to be used on top of existing grass surfaces to provide a level of protection to the grass surface. It needs no substructure or excavation – it is simply laid onto the grass surface and is ready to be used to improve vehicle traction and prevent rutting. NetPave 25 is ideal for running/bike trails, short-term parking, residential driveways, and roof gardens.

Due to its unique design, the NetPave® 25 paver proves to be extremely flexible and provides a visually pleasant and stable surface structure through which grass can grow. It can be almost invisible after 2-3 months of a grass-growing season. The units are connected by lugs and slots and can be laid on uneven surfaces and gradients, without separation.

**Netpave® 50 system provides an attractive, easy-to-use, durable paving solution for parking areas, pathways and access routes.**

Netpave® 50 porous pavers reduce storm water runoff and increase infiltration – with the strength and durability comparable to impervious pavements like concrete and asphalt. NetPave 50 is ideal for permanent or overspill parking, drives / paths / bike routes, and fire and service access roads.

Netpave® 50 pavers are made from 100% recycled polyethylene and is connected by lugs and slots. These unique flexible elements can be laid on undulating surfaces and gradients. Netpave® 50 can be filled with soil/grass; the cellular structure and open base enables unrestricted root growth. Alternatively it can be filled with gravel and the cellular structure will retain the stone and prevent loss or displacement.

**Pondliner Wholesale a division of Unit Liner Company**

Pondliner Wholesale is a division of Unit Liner Company located in Shawnee, Oklahoma, established in 1967. Pondliner Wholesale is dedicated to growing the water garden industry through quality products, training and service. With over $1,000,000 in water garden inventory at our facility we are one of the five largest wholesale water garden distributors in the U.S. At Pondliner “We ship everything but the water”. To learn more visit or call (866) 219-3561.

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