NAPP Folds into IPPCA

Published on May 1, 2012

Announcement from Warren Thoma, Interim NAPP President

Over the last few years we have seen unprecedented changes to our pond industry as well as to our NAPP organization. An unsteady economy, shifting consumer’s needs, and restrictive governmental regulation have forever changed the face of our industry. These changes bring about many challenges to our association members and a few new opportunities as well. One such opportunity has emerged which can help unify the pond industry and better prepare us to successfully grow our businesses now, and in the future.

When Mark Krupka stepped down as NAPP president I accepted the position of interim president with the sole goal of charting the best possible course for our association members. With NAPP board approval I entered in negotiations with the IPPCA (International Professional Pond Companies Association) to eliminate the needless redundancy of having two separate pond industry trade associations and to join our forces to propel all industry professionals to new levels of prosperity. These talks have been overwhelmingly successful and board members of both organizations are excited at the potential created by a single, all inclusive, trade association.

Approximately 2 weeks ago the board of directors of NAPP voted to move forward on a proposal to combine the memberships of both trade groups. I am pleased to announce that on May 15th NAPP members in good standing will become members of the new IPPCA. The new IPPCA will extend to all current paid NAPP members full equal membership into the corresponding membership level in the IPPCA. To further assist our members the written NAPP pond certification exam will be honored by the IPPCA and individual assistance and guidance will be provided towards full physical IPPCA certification. Additionally all current NAPP members will receive a one-time discount for membership renewal towards the advancement of a higher single trade organization membership level. Those NAPP members who wish to no longer have their business interests represented by a trade association may simply opt out of this opportunity.

NAPP has been assured that every courtesy and membership benefit will be extended to our members and each member will receive a welcome packet with valuable discounts, benefits, and opportunities. The combined strength of these two organizations will pave the way to greater marketing opportunities, education and business building opportunities. Perhaps most importantly we will achieve the collective strength needed to proactively represent our industry in the face of growing government interference.

While the NAPP name and entity will be gone let me assure you that your NAPP officers and directors will continue to offer the pond industry and its trade association their best advice and guidance as we move forward with our combined membership.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as interim president and all of us look forward to working with you further as we propel the pond industry through everyone’s efforts and energy under the IPPCA to new heights.

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