Mosquito Sentry™ Unveils New Mosquito Sentry II Repellent

Published on May 13, 2010

**Natural Formula Is More Effective Than Citronella and Deet**

(Spring, TX) – Mosquito Sentry™ unveiled the Mosquito Sentry II, the latest entry in the company’s all-natural mosquito-repellent product line, at the 2010 Hardware Show in Las Vegas.

Featuring a proprietary repellent formulation, the Mosquito Sentry II has proven to be more effective than the two most widely used repellents, citronella and deet (per an independent university study). Made from all-natural plant oils including geraniol, the repellent is EPA exempt and has tested safe for use around people, pets and food. Additionally, the active ingredients are regarded as safe – and considered food grade – by the FDA. An independent toxicity lab has substantiated the safety of the non-toxic repellent for eye, skin, dermal, oral and inhalation contact. The Mosquito Sentry II repellent contains no pesticides and no deet.

Compact and attractive, the Mosquito Sentry II measures 13˝ x 11˝ x 18˝. The product is simple to use: plug it in, add repellent to the 1.5-gallon top-fill reservoir, and turn it on. The unit begins working immediately to protect family and pets from mosquitoes, no-see-‘ums and other biting insects, including those that carry the West Nile virus and heartworm.

Patented vapor technology dispenses the all-natural repellent for one month of typical homeowner use before a refill is needed and covers up to 900 square feet (30´ x 30´), depending on existing environmental factors. The Mosquito Sentry II is remote-control operated and features three speed settings plus a countdown timer to maximize usage.

Should the unit accidentally be turned over, it shuts off automatically. A low-reservoir warning light ensures homeowners will never be caught unprotected. The Mosquito Sentry II requires no installation and no maintenance, and it will not harm butterflies.

Invented and field-tested in 2007, the Mosquito Sentry is sold via the Frontgate catalog, Terminix and independent dealers nationwide. The low MSRP of $349, combined with the all-natural effectiveness of the product, resulted in strong sales throughout 2009 and increased interest in the product in 2010. Propelled by recent successes, Mosquito Sentry management will be meeting with retailers at the show to determine future opportunities.

The Mosquito Sentry Natural Mosquito Defense system is a product of Spring, Texas-based Monster Mosquito Systems™. Since its launch in 2009, the Mosquito Sentry has enjoyed increasing sales due to its effectiveness, environmentally friendly and safe repellent and low cost. For more information on the Mosquito Sentry, please call 1.877.662.SWAT (7928) or visit

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