Medo USA Launches New Website

Published on March 3, 2010 specifically addresses onsite wastewater treatment and koi pond aeration applications####

Showcasing its LA Series of linear piston air pumps, Medo USA ( has launched a new website ( dedicated specifically to the onsite wastewater treatment and koi pond/water garden markets.

The site has been launched to increase visibility of the LA Series pumps, which are ideally suited for these water-based applications, and to provide dealers, customers, and prospects a more focused resource on the technical aspects of the products and the use of aerators in wastewater and koi pond applications.

“These are important markets for us, and there are compelling reasons that those in the onsite wastewater and koi pond business should consider the LA Series before designing final solutions,” says Lance Culli, sales engineer, at Medo USA. “They’re much quieter than other pumps, have longer service life expectancy, and consume less energy than alternative aerators.”

LA Series pumps feature Medo’s unique, patent-awarded linear motor driven free piston system that is globally proven in the wastewater treatment and aquaculture industries. This unique design theory eliminates the wear components typically found in conventional air compressors and vacuum pumps, such as crankshafts, connecting rods, and ball bearings. The only moving part is the piston. Also eliminated is the need for any lubrication.

“Fewer parts translate into fewer problems,” says Culli.

In addition to detailed technical information about the LA Series, the website provides practical information about the application of pumps and aerators for these applications. An interactive online form provides users the opportunity to receive detailed application assistance

“We’ve tested and tweaked the site for the last 45 days, and believe it will prove a useful tool for those working in the wastewater treatment and koi pond industries,” concludes Culli.


Since 1973, Medo USA has been designing, engineering, developing, and continuously perfecting its high quality air compressors and vacuum pumps in thousands of applications worldwide. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nitto Kohki Group, Medo USA is a committed to outstanding engineering and responsive customer service.

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