McCloud Aquatics Has New Owner, Moves Headquarters

Published on February 7, 2015

Things are really hopping at McCloud Aquatics, a long-time Chicago area aquatic weed and algae control company. Pest control guru Phil McCloud has purchased the company, previously based in Schaumburg, from his brother Chris McCloud and coordinated a move to new and expanded headquarters facilities in Elburn, IL. The company manages over 1,200 ponds and lakes in the northern Illinois market and plans to expand its services into southern Wisconsin.

“We deliver a variety of algae and weed control solutions for pond owners with our Aquatic Integrated Management (AIM) prographil1m. Aerators, fountains, water quality programs, as well as mosquito and goose abatement, restoration, and landscaping are also important parts of our company’s holistic approach,” he said.

“With six degreed biologists on staff, we are poised to take this business to the next level. Our aim is to be nature’s partner—to be a more effective steward of water environments,” he said.

McCloud believes that all ponds and lakes, whether man-made or natural, deserve to be treated as living organisms, with as much right to live healthy lives as humans do. “We will protect and improve this natural resource with all our skills knowledge available to us,” he said.

McCloud and his son TJ, a vice president of the company, are the fourth and fifth generation members of his pest control family to serve in a McCloud company. McCloud’s father, Tom, serves as a family advisor. Another fifth generation member of the family, McCloud’s second son, Josh, runs HoldFast Enviro Pest Solutions in Missoula, Montana.

“The future is bright for McCloud Aquatics,” said McCloud. “As the world changes and demands a safe and chemical free environment, we are evolving too. The use of equipment and biological controls are replacing some of the older chemical treatments.

“Nothing serves customers better than an A.I.M. program, which we use effectively. We consult with each client to mutually agree on expectations and results. The closer we can deliver an all natural solution the more we like it.”

For more information, contact Phil McCloud at 800/962-9828 or 847/891-6260




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