May / June, 2014

PondTradeMag-May-Jun-14Publishers’ Perspective

Happy Spring, everyone! After what seemed like an endless winter (what’s a polar vortex, anyway?), things in the pond world are officially in full swing. I hope that you are experiencing a fuller schedule and that your phone is ringing with new calls and possibilities.

From what I hear out there, the economy is reviving and folks want to build ponds again — those wonderful water gardens, waterfalls and water features that YOU can provide for them! So this issue is all about getting you excited and arming you with information to help make this your most 
successful season yet.

First off, we have a great deal of wisdom and experience in the realms of pond construction and maintenance. Alan Koontz shares some tips for giving your pond project that naturalistic “wow factor” on page 8, and Demi Fortuna offers a detailed outline on the importance of effective aeration — and how to achieve it — on page 35.

On the flora and fauna front, Paula Biles will need all her forensic know-how to conduct a criminal investigation (pg. 13) and discover who’s killing the aquatic plants! For those whose aquatic ailments pertain to koi rather than lilies, turn to page 25, where Ellen Kloubec gives detailed instructions on how to perform skin scrapes and diagnose parasite problems.

If you’re not quite ready to get your hands dirty, turn to page 46, where Mark Battersby explains the nuances (and potential problems) of classifying your workers as independent contractors. Also, be sure to check out The Round Table (pg. 50), where Rick Smith lays out the laws and rewards of leadership that will make your company thrive.

Speaking of thriving companies: The Irrigation 
Association recently formed a common interest group catered specifically to lake management and backyard water gardens and features. Still in its infant stages, the CIG will represent all builders, retailers and manufacturers in the pond and lake industry and provide training and certification opportunities, discussions on best practices and much more. You can read about that on page 55.

Happy PONDering!

IA Launches New Water Features & Lake Management CIG

The Irrigation Association has introduced a new Water Features and Lake Management Common Interest Group. With training and certification opportunities and a forum to discuss best practices, the new CIG is sure to give your pond business a boost.

The Round Table: The Laws and Rewards of Leadership

Building Knowledge and Raising Standards: The future of our industry begins with each of us

The pond industry has long been a “wild west,” with few governing bodies and regulations to control or police it. But are we really better off without them? In the first installment of a multi-part series, Kent Wallace explores theMore...

Koi Skin Scrapes: A How-To Guide

If your koi are losing their color, swimming sluggishly or “circling the bowl,” don’t call the coroner just yet. Examining your fish for harmful microscopic parasites is easier than you think. Follow Ellen Kloubec’s detailed instructions to perform skin scrapesMore...

Contractor Crackdown: The heavy cost of misclassified workers

Many pond companies use independent contractors to cut down on labor costs and get projects finished. But thanks to new legislation, the IRS has much different standards for what constitutes a “nonemployee” than you might realize — and miscategorizing yourMore...

The Spice of Life

ith a history spanning over a century, goldfish have come a long way from their humble beginnings as a cheap food source in China. And while their American legacy began as a “five-and-dime” product at Woolworth, today’s goldfish are anythingMore...

The Benefits of Bubbles – The dynamics of subsurface aeration

You probably know that oxygen is vitally important to the health of your fish and plants. But did you know that warm weather (like the spring and summer days ahead) can bring your pond’s O2 to dangerously low levels? EfficientMore...

So You Want a Crystal Clear Pond – A (nearly) maintenance-free system for clean, beautiful water

A crystal clear pond can sometimes feel like the white whale or the Holy Grail — that elusive reward that you perpetually chase and never catch. But according to Mike White, the secrets to victory over pea-soup green water mayMore...

Act Natural!

No matter how much time, effort and money went into your pond, if it doesn’t look natural then it won’t have that “wow factor” — and you won’t have repeat business! Taking cues from Mother Nature’s playbook, Alan Koontz hasMore...

CSI: Pondville

Who’s been killing the aquatic plants? If your pond has become a gruesome crime scene with chewed-up leaves and mutilated lily pads left behind, don’t fret. Paula Biles is on the case! Utilizing her forensic science skills and extensive knowledgeMore...

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