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May / June, 2013

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Published on May 26, 2013

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It’s here! I don’t just mean this exciting May/June issue — I mean SPRING! I live in the Midwest, where April and May can’t come soon enough. While many of our readers hail from warmer climes, those of you who live in snowy states will share my anticipation and excitement for the long-awaited warmer temperatures.

What is it about spring? People’s spirits are lifted, birds are singing — and best of all, ponds are flowing. With that in mind, we have a great spring issue for you that will have you itching to get outside, shake off the winter chill and get PONDering again.

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in a pond’s life, so the story that graces the cover of this issue is particularly timely. Benjamin Timmerman provides a wealth of info about taking great pond photography, with tips that will turn an average point-and-shooter into Ansel Adams in no time. Follow Benjamin’s advice, and you might just take the photo that ends up on the cover of our July/August issue!

Of course, no pond photo is complete without gorgeous foliage, and this issue definitely has you covered. Your pond will be brimming with new life after reading John Mark Courtney’s feature on native shoreline perennials.

For many of our readers, ponding is not only a passion but a business as well. If you’re looking for ways to make your aquatic endeavors pay off in new ways this spring, be sure to check out “Small Business, Big Growth” to discover which type of loan will grow your business. Or, if all you need is some fresh creative ideas, look no further than “No Passport Required” to see how to turn a normal backyard into an aquatic wonderland.

Leo Tolstoy once wrote that “spring is the time for plans and projects.” While I’m not sure the novelist paid much attention to koi in his native Russia, the idea certainly holds true for we ponderers. I hope that this issue brings you wisdom and inspiration that carries over into all of your spring ponding endeavors, whatever they may be!

Happy PONDering!

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