March / April, 2013

PondTradeMag-Mar-Apr-13Moving Forward

I am proud to announce that as of January first, we have a new partner at POND Trade Magazine. Lora Lee Gelles has joined our team, taking on the role of Managing Editor. She brings a wealth of experience in magazine publishing to the team, having worked for a major magazine publisher for a number of years prior to joining POND Trade full time. Henceforth, she will be writing this issue intro, as part of her new role.

Please welcome Lora Lee Gelles…

Thanks Tom! Kind of feels like I was just handed a baton during a race and now it is my turn. Go!
I can’t tell you how excited I am to join the POND Trade team and bring some of my experience and ideas with me. As Tom stated above, I have worked at a large publishing house for years and was very involved with all aspects of getting the magazine organized, designed, out the door, and on the press.

You may notice that there are a few changes to the magazine. Some of the graphics have been updated for a cleaner, slicker look. The goal is to make POND Trade very reader-friendly so that you look forward to reading the great articles we offer each issue. And if the issue ends up rolled up in your back pocket and gets a little on-the-job dirt on it, then we have done our job!

We have a great issue for you, from pond construction to skimmers to iPad use for your business needs, plus a whole lot more. We also have a new columnist, Erik Tate from The Water Garden, who will be writing a new column called PONDer This! for us.

Please note the photo above, taken at the Water Garden Expo in Oklahoma that I was able to attend. And what a show it was! Record attendance and so much to see and learn. It was nice to meet many of you. Thanks for stopping by the booth. Looking forward to meeting many more of you as time moves on.

PONDer This! – Back to Life

Back to Life. The decline of pond keeping, and how to bring it back.

Ponditat For Humanity 2012

Hard times impact pond lovers and inhabitants alike. When a Florida family in need reached out for help, Ponditat for Humanity was there to answer the call. Dave Jones offers a special thanks to the people whose generosity made allMore...

Bluffing Mother Nature for Beauty and Profit

Winter robs your pond of sunshine and warmth, but it doesn’t have to steal its life. Employ these easy insider tactics to ensure your pond’s plants and animals survive the chilly months.

Water Quality | From Pea-Green to Pristine

Soupy, pea-green water is a frustrating condition that frustrates many a pond keeper. The cause is often difficult to discover — until now. Once you know and eliminate these 30 algae enablers, your pond will change from grimy to glisteningMore...

Basic, Necessary, Affordable Insurance

Natural disasters and on-site accidents can destroy companies overnight. Is your pond business protected against unexpected loss? No matter the size or value of your business, insurance is an essential precaution you can’t afford to be without.

The Language of Koi

One of the most popular and important varieties of koi, Kohauku are beloved by beginner hobbyists and experts alike. But do you know how to assess the fish’s Kiwa or Hi? Learn what makes these prize-winning koi so unique, andMore...

Beyond the Box

Long considered unattractive and difficult to work with, pond skimmers have changed very little over the last 20 years. But recent improvements have made these indispensable water feature workhorses more durable and cost-effective than ever.

Pond Construction – Best Practices Make PERFECT

When it comes to Cabela’s indoor water features, small details make a big difference. Cloward H20 knows how to design and build with the end result in mind. These best practices will ensure that your aquarium works flawlessly behind theMore...

iPad Selling

Do you use modern technology when pitching to customers? If not, your business could be suffering. Make new electronics like the iPad, wireless hot spots, and credit card readers part of your sales approach and watch your numbers soar.

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