March / April, 2011

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Rain in Southern California

Rain in Southern California is rare, and when it comes down all at once, it can pose some messy problems. During a particularly large storm recently, Laguna Koi Ponds of Laguna Beach, California was flooded with 4´ of rainwater and mud. The water was high enough to flood their fish display tanks, sending hundreds of koi down the boulevard in front of their shop. The store was flooded in 18˝ of water, and had to be completely emptied. The Southern California koi community came to the rescue. They came to help Ben Plonski, owner, and his staff dig out and mop up, some traveling over 100 miles to lend a hand. While the losses were significant, it was gratifying to see the community rise to the occasion and support Ben as he has generously supported koi keepers for decades.

A different kind of community took action over the past six months, in a unified effort to let the Texas State legislature know clearly how foolish and un-enforceable their concept of banning all aquatic plants unless they were specifically listed on their new “White List” of approved species. Rolf Nelson led a coalition of industry leaders and hobbyists to send a unified message rejecting the proposal. The recent defeat of the white list program provided a rare victory, and was a striking statement of the power of a group, working together toward a common objective. (See

We are a community on many levels, and it is up to us to take action every day to build stronger ties with others in our trade. You never know when the relationships you build and nurture today will become assets in a time of need.

Pictures are from the Irrigation Show, Phoenix, Arizona, December 2010

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