March / April, 2010

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POND Trade Magazine Announces Winners

We are happy to recognize the winners of the POND Trade Magazine Product of the Year Challenge. Congratulations go to Paul Curtis of AquaFinn, LLC., for his pioneering efforts, bringing a new product and brand name to market last year with MinnFinn Max koi treatment. This year’s competition had a number of great pond products of various types. Our Overall Champion for 2009 MinnFinn Max.

First Place in the Pond Equipment category went to long time pump manufacturer Multi-Duti Manufacturing, Inc. Their new Titan pump has captured the enthusiasm of the market with its groundbreaking performance. First Place in the Pond Products category went to another major industry manufacturer, Ecological Laboratories with Sabbactisun, a new addition to the Microbe-Lift line. This product is particularly notable in the fact that it is a bit of a departure from what we have come to expect from Ecological Laboratories. It is neither a beneficial bacteria nor enzyme product. It is instead an herbal product to promote healing in fish.

We recognize the winners beginning on page 24. I bet you will read about something new that you will find interesting and valuable. Be sure to visit to see all the great products we have had the opportunity to showcase for you.

If you are not feeling an upsurge in your pond business yet, hang in there. It feels like things are picking up in many areas of the country. Many companies are launching new products for 2010, exhibited by the 14 press releases we published in January on the web site. (Send yours to

If your company holds training seminars or shows for the trade and would like to publish
your dates, send the information to and we will add your event to our calendar section.

Remember, when you assist colleagues in the trade, you strengthen long-term relationships that will bear fruit for years to come.

Good Prospecting.

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