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March / April 2009

By POND Content Network

Published on March 26, 2009

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Thank You to All our Readers

As I ponder what to write in my third editor’s column, I can say now that POND BIZ Magazine is. Whew. Start up jitters are in the past, the web site is up, we are getting new subscribers every day, and advertiser support is strong and growing. As the song goes, “I think we’re gona make it.” Thank you’s must go out to those of you who have written articles, shared mail lists, and offered critical feedback when I needed it most. A huge thank you to the brave advertisers who bought advertising in a magazine that was in large part a vision, at the time. Without you we would not be publishing our third issue as POND BIZ Magazine today.

After the first issue was published in November of 2008, I received a flurry of congratulatory messages, which were very warming. In this issue, I am happy to include our first two letters to the editor, from readers commenting on the story by Jamie Buyer on the Veggie Filter in the Jan/Feb issue. While I selected only two letters to publish, Jamie’s article was the clear leader in the feedback I have received. I am heartened to hear feedback on the magazine’s content, positive or not, because that means it is being read and thought about. Feedback is universally positive, with just a few questions that Jamie answers in this issue. For that I can only say thank you.

It is our mission to provide you, our readers, a balanced mix of relevant content about our businesses and our lives, since, for most of us, where one ends and the other begins is a blurred line at best. I hope you find inspiration in this issue’s short article titled Socrates Makes a House Call. Some wisdom is timeless as you will see in this concept packed story. Eric Triplett takes us through the process of re-thinking how we approach and sell today’s Discerning Buyers. Yes there are still buyers out there, you just need to learn how to speak their language, and have the patience to work through all their questions.

Tetra has outdone themselves this issue with their article on profiling today’s buyer, giving you even more ammunition to close sales. Ben Plonski of Laguna Koi Ponds steps us through his system of stabilizing new koi for sale, in his in depth article, Preparing Koi for Sale, and Spike Cover introduces us to the new Best Health Practices program, that aims to certify koi dealers that have in place ideal quarantine facilities and procedures.

In the November issue I posed the question, who are we? What is the name of our industry? I proposed that the best name I have heard is the Garden Pond Industry. All the comments I received on our web board and through e-mail and phone conversations have agreed that we do need to rally around a defining name. The common reservation was that the name did not encompass fountains and pondless waterfalls. It seems to me that it is not too much of a reach for purveyors of those products to consider themselves included without specifically adding their products to the industry title. We don’t include air pumps or streams in the name either, but I think it is save to assume you will find those products in the Garden Pond Section of a show like the American Nurseryman’s Show. The question will answer itself in time, and I still welcome suggestions or comments on the subject.

Keep the faith, spend money on new products and advertising, pay your bills on time, and we will all grow together.

Tom Graham
Managing Editor

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