Manufacturing Firm Makes Dream Come True for Local Pond Lover

Published on July 16, 2009

Loam Linda, CA- FlowRanger Waterfall Systems working with their local Distributor Exotic Aquatics based in Redlands, CA. hosted an event like no other! It was open to the general public, contractors, current pond owners and anyone with an interest in water gardening. The entire project including labor, lights, fish and pond supplies were donated. Attendance was approx. 40 people throughout the day, with all attendees taking part in the installation process.

Having a pond of her own for Janika has been a dream ever since she moved from her last home where the neighbors had a pond, that she was able to hear and see. She spent many years enjoying the local pond tours and gathering information about good and bad water features. But until recently, it was all just a dream. Janika has some challenges that you might think would keep her from being a gardener, such as a major life changing event that put her in a wheelchair permanently, but it was the neighbor’s pond which helped with her mental health healing. Gardening and enjoying the sounds of the waterfalls really gave her relief and in many forms it was her therapy. With a goal of being a doctor for children, she truly is driven to move forward. However, as with all challenges, many times you find a small piece of sunshine. For Janika, that sunshine is a teenager named Alma. Having a lot of great therapy gardens, it’s easy for the maintenance of them to get away from you. It just so happened that there was a young lady looking for some work who also enjoyed gardening. So an employee/employer relationship was formed to help each party and they quickly turned into friends. As we know, Janika has some health challenges, and Alma has had to face her own. She was born with Juvenile Diabetes and has since undergone a heart transplant. Together they make a great team and the gardens are proof of their drive toward beauty and success but the garden was missing the main piece (water). Alma is now a freshman in college with plans to enter into the medical field in her future.

“I am beside myself in dis-belief that I have this beautiful pond in my garden. It’s hard to believe all these people came to help make my dream come true. Then to receive fish and lights, this is a gift from god in my mind. Most of my neighbors have health issues much like Alma and me, so this will be for all of us to enjoy. I plan to share the healing of a pond with everyone.” stated Janika.

“It is times like this when you really feel you’re doing what you should be doing in your community “stated Eric Triplet, owner of Exotic Aquatics. “To give back to someone who has given already and is working towards helping the local children by becoming a doctor. That is what our company is all about. We work with landscapers and contractors from all different form of business. Showing them how to install water features with great products so that the end result for the consumer and the contractor is a win/win. Thank you to Flow Ranger for the pond kit, Alpine for the lights, Kloubec Fish Farms for the Koi and to everyone who came and made this event such a success. “

For detailed information or to speak to a company representative during regular business hours contact:

Scott Story-FlowRanger Rep. 608.302.5663
Eric Triplet-Exotic Aquatics 800.522.5043

For additional information from the attendees please check out the below links to our blog.

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