Who Made POND Trade’s Top Ten for 2019?

Published on January 4, 2020

2019 was another successful year in the world of ponds, water gardens, pond design and overall business activity within the industry. Some of those successes were on display in PONDTrademag (& issue) and now we are looking back on some of those top feature articles and content from our issues.

As our list shows, readers love koi knowledge, unique pond applications, great installation photos and overall trends in our business. Just click on the headline to read the story. 

1. Language of Koi | Treating Koi Sleeping Disease by Ben Plonski of Laguna Koi Ponds. A great article on diagnosing this sleeping disease, also known as Carp Edema Virus (CEV). Electron microscopy suggests it is a pox virus and it seems to only affect koi. Very topical.

2. Image Gallery: Home Shows in 2019, Do They Add Value? by Dean Pipito of Aquatica.  A great photo essay on new approaches at home shows and how to reach customers. The accompanying feature article can be found here

3. Water Artisans of the Year Winners Meet the Challenge. Take a look back at last year’s winners of the Water Artisans of the Year Awards, included Max Taylor, Jason Lenox and John Adams to name a few.

 4. Buying Wholesale Koi by Taro Kodamo. Excerpt: When you think of carrying koi fish, you have several options.The first option is so-called domestic koi fish. They are koi fish bred by professional breeders or backyard breeders in the United States.The second option is imported Japanese koi fish.


5. Keys to Keeping a Clean Pond Floor by Shane Stefek of  Water Garden Gems. Excerpt: A high-quality filter is a must to capture the waste as it is removed from the pond. When space allows and the system is capable, a sieve filter or sediment chamber is a great addition to external pump and filter systems to help collect the solids prior to reaching the main filter.

6. Outdoor Dining Table Meets Fire and Water (Jan/Feb 2019 issue), by Shane Hemphill of Art of the Yard. Active water always is an eye-pleaser, but these photos and great suggestions make for a great article on the topic of spillways and patio ponds.

7. Contractor’s Corner | Next Level Filtration by Shawn Cutroni of New England Aquatic Landscaping. Excerpt: The average depth of water on top of a wetland filter is 6 to 12 inches and can be heavily planted with sage, rush and other aquatic plants that do a numb.   

8. Designing and Building Ponds for Turtles by George Janaowiak of Gem Ponds. A fun story about how to add more “life” to your ponds. A great article full of pooches and turtles! 

9. Best Practices | Naturalistic Pond Edge Treatments by our resident pond construction expert Kent Wallace at Living Water Solutions. Excerpt: Doesn’t this beg the real question, “What’s the edge going to look like?” Isn’t the “edge treatment” what most aesthetic design parameters revolve around? The edge treatment serves as the initial appearance of a water feature.

10. Pond Construction | Raised, Formal Backyard Pond Design by Kent Wallace. (Jan/Feb 2019). 

Other honorable mentions include: Video | Water Artisan Winner Revisits Koi Pond; Contractor’s Corner Winner Reveals a Permanent Pond ShowcaseBest Practices | Glass-Paneled, Raised-Pond Construction; 2nd Place Pond Designs and Projects Wow Judges

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