Who Made POND Trade’s Top Ten for 2017?

Published on January 5, 2018

There’s a whole lot of content on our smartphones these days and sometimes great pond articles are missed due to clients, large projects, billing etc. However, we have gathered our Top Ten pond articles for 2017 below to help you catch up!

As our list shows below, our readership — installers and owners — loves koi knowledge, unique pond applications, great installation photos and overall trends in our business.

Just click on the headline to read the story and catch up with some of the most popular articles in 2017 from pondtrademag.com

1. How Many Koi Can I have in a pond? by Shane Stefek of Water Garden Gems. This article appeared in Jan/Feb 2017 issue and this topic always receives attention leading into Spring. A general rule of thumb, as mentioned in the article, says average water conditions will allow 1 inch of fish per 10 gallons of water (or 100 inches for a 1,000-gallon pond). And, secondly, due to pheromones and toxin control, we want to stay at or under four koi per 1,000 gallons of water to promote a healthy living environment.

2. Floating Steps | Feel at One with the Pond by Kent Wallace of Living Water Solutions. This also appeared in our January/February 2017 issue and it’s a stunner. Great creativity is eviden with floating bridges, however, Kent provides great detail on how to build these features soundly. Fun read! 

3. Paladins of the Pond World | 2016 Water Artisan Awards Announcement. What a great inaugural year for the Water Artisan Awards and this article dishes on all the winners!

4. Zero Extinctions, One Pump At A Time. This article looks at a creature that’s been roaming the earth for some 220 million years and profiles the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) in South Carolina.

5. Pondside Trees: Pros and Cons of Large Pond Plans by Max Phelps of Rock Castles Landscaping. Max provides reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of trees near your pond or, as he says, a couple of leaves in the pond skimmer. Great do’s and don’ts, so you look like a hero with your clients next year!

6. Spillways and Patio Ponds Make a Splash in the Garden, by Chris Ostrander, Living Water Landscape Service. Active water always is an eye-pleaser, but these photos and great suggestions make for a great article on the topic of spillways and patio ponds.

7. Language of Koi | Understanding Kohaku Patterns by Ellen Kloubec of Kloubec Koi Farm. The love of koi is a huge trend on this site and the article dives into specifics about this two-colored koi and how many novice pond owners start with this type of koi first.   

8. Best Practices | Formal Pond Circulation & Oxygenation Kent Wallace of Living Water Solutions. The article discusses airlift systems and how formal pond designs lend themselves to this type of installation for pond oxygenation. 

9. Keys to Healthy, Thriving Hardy Waterlilies by Tony More of Moore Waterlilies. A great how-to article on how to plant, divide and feed the popular aquatic plant; also includes step-by-step instructions via our image gallery.  

10. Waterfall Design | Cascading Thunder Down Under by Patrick Handley of Waterscapes Australia. This pretty much sets it up: We were approached by the Mistere Spa & Retreat to transform a dry, seasonal gully into a lush, continuously flowing water course. 

Other honorable mentions include From Pool to Pond: A Tributary Transformation in Concert, a sidebar to the Understanding Kohaku Patters, “The Top Six, Kohaku Head Patterns, Injurious Wildlife Label & its Possible Effect on Koi Sales

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