Lightweight Drainage System and Filler for Pots Helps Ensure Healthy Plants

Published on December 14, 2009

*Packing Pearls® Lightens the Load and Helps Potted Plants Thrive*

PORTLAND, OR–Gardeners now have a new way to lighten the load of overly heavy plant containers. An ingenious new product not only keeps large pots from getting too heavy to move but also boosts plant health by improving water drainage and oxygen flow to plant roots.

Packing Pearls are extra-large polystyrene balls that can be placed at the bottom of large containers. These sturdy, lightweight balls reduce the amount of soil needed to fill up large pots, which is usually too deep for most plant roots to reach anyway.

Unlike ordinary packing peanuts which can become compressed over time and prevent drainage when used as filler, Packing Pearls retain their shape, even after years of use and reuse. Ordinary packing peanuts are not recommended for use in planters because they can leach toxic chemicals into the soil as they decompose. Packing Pearls are made in the U.S. from expanded polystyrene that is non-toxic, so they are safe to use for all types of plants, including fruits and vegetables.

Poor drainage in pots creates water-logged soil that can result in root rot, mold and mildew. When Packing Pearls are used at the bottom of growing containers, plants benefit from improved soil drainage and better oxygen flow to roots. Tests show that flowering plants bloom two to three months longer when grown in containers with a base of Packing Pearls. Plants are also visibly healthier and hardier.

The simple Packing Pearls three-step growing system works in all sizes of containers and is reusable year after year. A Packing Pearls starter kit contains a Universal Drain Shield that fits over the hole in the bottom of the pot, plenty of Packing Pearls, and a handy pot liner that fits over the pearls and under the potting soil.

Two sizes of starter kits are available. The medium kit, which fits pots up to 16˝ wide, sells for $19.99. The large kit, which fits pots up to 22˝ wide, sells for $29.99. Packing Pearls are available at fine garden centers and online at

Packing Pearls are made by Four Seasons Container Gardens LLC, a Portland-based business specializing in custom container garden design and installation.

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