Laguna Water Gardening and P. Allen Smith Team Up

Published on April 19, 2012

**Beautifully Simple Laguna Water Gardening and P. Allen Smith Team Up to Simplify Water Gardening**

Creating a beautiful backyard oasis is easier than ever with the recent announcement of a partnership between the Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp’s Laguna Water Gardening and award winning designer, television personality and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith. Smith will utilize Laguna products to show his audience how installing a pond or water feature can transform a back yard from average to exceptional, often in less than a weekend.

With kits to create large or small ponds and waterfalls, and unique water features like fountains, bowls and statuary, Laguna’s products are fully functional, light weight and easy to install, yet undeniably elegant in their styling.

Incorporating sophisticated design elements with influences culled from Europe, Asia and North America, Laguna’s ponds and water features are available in sizes for any home, from the small but stylish Deck Pond, which is ideal for apartment dwellers and those in condos, to the 264-gallon Huron Pond.

The company also has a wide assortment of water features that can stand alone or be added to a larger pond, creating a unique and attractive focal point. The partnership between Smith and Laguna Water Gardening will benefit gardeners of all experience levels, as Smith’s practical know-how inspires confidence in even the most inexperienced gardeners, and his sensible instruction saves time for people who don’t have a lot to spare.

“Water gardening is an increasingly popular hobby that enriches your life and enhances your home, says Jeff San Souci, Director of Marketing for Laguna Water Gardening. “Water gardens and water features bring the beauty of nature and the calming effects of running water to your backyard. We are very excited to work with P. Allen Smith to let people know that all it takes is a few easy steps for a backyard to go from ordinary to extraordinary.”

“I am delighted about our partnership with Laguna Water Gardening,” Smith says. “With the popularity of staying closer to home these days, folks are making investments in their homes by beautifying their outdoor spaces. Ponds are easy enhancements that can be done as a weekend project, but the rewards last a lifetime.”

Laguna Water Gardening products are available online and at garden centers nationwide. For more information visit, or contact the Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. at 1-800-225-2700.

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